FTX claim that in December 2023, when they came to cybersecurity incidents working with the portal

We are reopening the FTX customer claims portal to unfreeze user account books that have been affected by the cybersecurity incident since August.

A recent FTX statement explained how there are customer account freezes and precautions, and noted that there are grounds for security-the user account on the claims platform to implement additional security measures.

So FTX, and now you can buy the sacred books came to your account account boss there are claims to the side of the crypto exchange process of presenting digital assets that submit a bankruptcy application before November 2022 putting it on the exchange.


The portal will understand the claims of an individual, at his expense F T X, Blockfolio, F T X EU, Japan F T X and Liquid.

Users affected by the incident are now updated and can request compensation for their losses through the claim filing process.

– The canopy of August Kroll, outside agents, contact creditors’ claims in ftx bankruptcy to behave, say that the attack “sim card substitution from” allow you to behave should have been taken to the file, contains the personal information of the applicant in the bankruptcy case of BlockFi, FTX and Genesis.

Freezing the kroll user account affects the results. Ftx is something of a kind and so that nothing can fall or crack the kyc password announcing the results by paying attention to ftx.

Until September 29, ftx, the client has time to give a sample claim to kroll. While the volume of supplies the lender can afford, it remains to be found out by the judge considering the ftx bankruptcy case, he is now in a good property complex of digital plans to initiate the liquidation of assets.


More than $16 billion, the price of cows giving ftx and against.
Ftx recent cows in court say that in total gives US $ 16 billion against 36,075 it has claims of clients and divisions of the exchange.

Meanwhile, the company says that 10% of this total has claims.

The statement also noted that this company will be up against 2,300 claims related to customers, and not at a price of $65 billion, of which Genesis, Celsius and Voyager.

He was aware that about $7 billion in F T X hand assets, solana (SOL) entered the $1.16 billion token and the bitcoin (BTC) price was $560 million.

The company says it managed $1.1 billion in cash to get $1.5 billion in addition, which could be on November 11 on it in hand when it filed for bankruptcy.

So at $ 3.4 billion on August 31, the price may have various ftx cryptocurrencies, potentially liquid and little known only to him, the 1300 token has written a lot, and like such a Serum maps (SRM).

A judge from the U.S. bankruptcy court of Delaware works in the districts to note that investing their ftx crypto holding can and sell to pay off creditors.

Justin Respect, founder of Network Tron, said FTX is considering applying to provide him with assets to reduce the impact that can be sold in the market when he wants to stimulate growth in the sector.

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