Russian roulette: find out if buying Land Rover Discover the most unreliable and problematic SUV is as bad as they say | Taza Khabre


  • The Land Rover Discovery (LR3) often has a bad reputation for reliability, but this particular model seems to be in decent shape after 17 years.

  • The suspension and air conditioning are the problem areas that should be addressed, but overall the car drives well and has a clean interior.

  • There is no VIN on the windshield, which may cast doubt on the car’s history, but it does have a Florida VIN on the door frame.

In a new episode from The Fast Lane Car YouTube channel, automotive content creators are about to embark on a journey of discovery. In particular, they are going to delve into second-hand SUVdonated to charity and bought inconspicuously at a low price.

This may not be the best preparation for buying a new car, and there is more potential bad news to come. The Land Rover According to the video, the Discovery – or LR3 for this generation in the States – has a bad reputation for reliability.

This is what happens when the team tests a Land Rover to see how bad it gets, and there are a lot of potential problems with the LR3, but there can also be some good in it.

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Buying a 2006 Land Rover LR3 unseen at auction – and it gets worse

The team finds a black 2006 Land Rover LR3, which has dropped the Discovery name for this generation in the US but retains the regular name elsewhere. Discos like this have a bad reputation for reliability and running costs, with a few internet reliability scores making them pretty average. But no car is perfect.

Throughout the video, they pick the good, the bad and the ugly about this British SUV, starting with the bad. Aside from buying an invisible car — a risky business — its suspension looks ruined. The suspension is a weak point on the LR3, as there can be leaks in the air suspension circuit. Andre jokes that another bad decision was buying in Florida, where owners are dubious about cars – a comment thankfully left ambiguous in nature. Unfortunately, the air conditioner also does not work, although this is the only fault.

They explain that it was a model they had before for the channel and later fell in love with it, then saw it was cheap and decided to buy it. When only the air conditioning system does not work, they look under the hood, into the cabin and ride. It’s also the base model with the V6 engine used in the current Ford Explorer, so it would make around 215 hp/250 lb-ft.

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How much does the Land Rover LR3 cost in 2023?

Via: YouTube via The Fast Lane Car

Then there are good moments. The engine fluids look good and the oil is clean. The lift activation of the air suspension works, and at the highest value of the system there is no visible rust on the bottom of the car.

The seemingly immaculate interior is also a pleasant surprise, with cream trim and upholstery showing the expected wear of 17 years and 63,000 miles.

Everything works, and on the road the car shifts well, starts and stops. The only drawback is the non-cooling air conditioner.

There are good ones, some bad ones, and, unfortunately, some ugly ones: The VIN number was removed from its home at the base of the windshield. This can be for many reasons, including hiding the car’s past to hide damage or criminal activity. It does have a Florida VIN on the door frame though. Overall, Land Rover’s rugged SUV shows potential, with the repairable air conditioning system and VIN the only two things that stand out. As for its price, the channel reveals that it fetched $4,050 at auction from its original price of $400. If the Land Rover LR3 really has such a bad reputation, it looks pretty good after 17 years and has probably sat for a good chunk of that time.

A Land Rover Discovery 3 (LR3) averages around $15,000 at auction, with the high-spec HSE being the more sought-after. That price includes the coveted V8 model, which also suffers from a head gasket failure, according to the video. The Fast Lane Car suggests that a good price for this SUV could be around $5,000 on the used car market.

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