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  • The new 2025 Toyota GR Prius is set to make waves in the electric car market, transforming the once boring and uninteresting Prius into a desirable and attractive car with great acceleration and power.
  • With the introduction of the Toyota Gazoo Prius 24h Le Mans Centennial GR Edition concept car, Toyota aims to give the Prius the X-factor by improving its performance and making it lighter, faster and more visually appealing.
  • Toyota’s investments in renewable energy technology and hybrid racing indicate that a production version of the Prius GR hot hatch could be in the works, further shaking up the EV market and building on the heritage and innovation of the Prius brand.

New year 2025 Toyota The GR Prius will make waves in the electric car market. But the name Toyota Prius and the name making waves haven’t always been used in the same sentence.

The first generation Prius was released in 1997. It was the best of cars, it was the worst of cars. Toyota’s Prius has become a new star in motoring, a way to save the planet, a bridge from fossil-fueled motoring to renewable energy. That was all. It’s also been a favorite of climate-conscious motorists, from celebrities to working people. But the Prius did not enter the market beyond green. Why

The first Toyota Prius was a smart shoe for motorists. As a Toyota, it was well made, but there was nothing attractive or exciting about it. It was slow, expensive, and not so much ugly as offensively bland. The Prius looked like the unfortunate brainchild of a microwave oven and a tropical fish tank.

Generations of Prius followed generations, updating technology, tweaking the look, but keeping the soft spot.

In 2008, the Tesla roadster showed the world that electric/electrified vehicles could be sexy. It took another fifteen years for Toyota to realize that it could do the same. But once they did, they pulled out all the stops.

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A new dawn – Toyota Prius 2023


At the end of 2022, thousands of dedicated reducers fired up their web browsers and said, “Wow!”

It was the launch of the 2023 Prius, and Toyota finally let Cinderella go to the party.

It looked great, had plenty of horsepower, was fast and offered great acceleration. The new generation Prius was a desirable car in its own right.

The 2023 Prius was offered in two versions: a regular hybrid and a plug-in hybrid (PHEV). The first had almost 200 hp. and could hit 60 in about 7.0 seconds. The PHEV was called Prime and had 220 horses, and it could hit 60 mph in 6.6 seconds.

It was an affordable hybrid that turned heads on the streets. The fact that it was eco-friendly and a Toyota just added icing on the cake.

But the new Prius is a compact suburban hatchback that has to compete in a market saturated with similar cars, many of which are also electrified. Cars like the Chevy EUV Bolt, Mini Electric, and KIA Niro Hybrid are great options, and they compete directly with the ’23 Prius.

Toyota has already developed the Prius to where it can compete. Now something else was needed to lift him above the crowd. The X-factor was needed.

Toyota Gazoo Prius 24h Le Mans Centennial GR Edition

Toyota Prius GR Rear quarter

The X-factor is the Toyota Gazoo Prius 24h Le Mans Centennial GR Edition concept car. Gazoo Racing is Toyota’s motorsport division, which also develops technology for the GR cars.

Concept cars are usually eye candy. They’re nice to look at, but you won’t want to drive one. The wheels are too big, the roof is too low, and it will be difficult to get into the door. There is always something.

But the Prius GR looks right. You can hop on and take it to the track or to the mall. Mods look great, but they are real. They will make the regular Prius lighter, faster and give it better handling. It also makes the Prius a real beauty and gives it street cred.

Gazoo Racing has improved aerodynamics and traction with sleek details such as side skirts, duckbills, rear diffuser and a large rear wing. Weight is reduced by a carbon fiber hood.

You get better contact with the road thanks to the wide track suspension, 235/50R18 inch tires and advanced aero wheels.

The only truly cosmetic additions are the honeycomb carbon grille, the GR sticker and, this being Le Mans, the multi-lights in the bumper.

Interior details are sparse, but seem to reflect the racing theme. The seats, for example, are Supra-style buckets. The GR still has the base model’s excellent large-screen infotainment system.

Hot hybrid power from racing success

Toyota GR010 hypercar at Le Mans

Visually, The GR is inspired by the GR0101 Hybrid, which dominated its class in endurance racing for several years. Racing is the proving ground for the street, and Toyota will almost certainly put a very hot hybrid in the GR.

With a direct hybrid Prius with a capacity of 194/196 hp. (FWD/AWD) and Prius Prime PHEV 220 hp. Toyota already has quite a lot of power to choose from for the GR. But the assumption is that it will be a PHEV, hence the bigger battery and more horses.

That is if they decide to make a production version of the GR.

Serial hot hatch Prius

A red 2023 Toyota Prius Prime XSE parked in the open

Will they or won’t they make the Prius hot hatch a production car? It is impossible to guess Toyota’s strategy in the short to medium term. But the GR would make sense as a production model for several reasons.

Toyota is investing heavily in renewable energy sources, including solid-state batteries and hydrogen power. PHEV technology is currently a strong pillar in the company’s investment strategy.

He invests a lot of money in hybrid racing technology. The only reason for a car company to invest in racing is to sell more cars. They can achieve this by using success on the track to build their brand. The next step is to introduce the technology developed in this way into production cars.

Toyota already has several hybrids of a similar size and price on the market, including the Corolla Cross, Camry, RAV4, and more. So why the Prius?

Behind the shoulders of the Prius brand is a quarter of a century of innovative heritage. No one will refuse such an asset. The new-and-much-improved 2023 Prius looks more like a brand reboot than a swan song.

Expect further and more detailed appearances of the Prius GR at motor shows, but the Le Mans launch was a pretty big statement. Watch this space.

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Le Mans is the biggest stage in motor sports

Poster for the centenary of Le Mans
Le Mans

Toyota presented the 2025 Prius GR concept car 24 Hours of Le Mans in June. There is no bigger stage in motorsport than Le Mans, especially this year with the race marking its centenary. It’s the perfect launch pad to take your family car to the next level.

Le Mans is the biggest racing event in the world. The rivalry between manufacturers, teams and drivers is the stuff of legend. The A Steve McQueen classic Le Mans and Ford vs. Ferrari give credit to it.

Will the Toyota Prius GR shake up the electric car market?

Details of the 2023 Toyota Prius 24h Le Mans Centennial GR Edition

The Toyota Prius GR will certainly shake up the electric car market. Like it or not, the future of cars will not be based on the traditional internal combustion engine (ICE). There are three main likely options for replacing the internal combustion engine: battery, hydrogen fuel cell and hybrid.

Battery capacity is increasing rapidly, but there are still concerns about range. People worry about running out of juice. Charging infrastructure is also limited outside cities.

Hydrogen is promising, but it is the least mature and takes the longest time to materialize.

Hybrid energy is well developed and does not require additional infrastructure. In terms of usage, this technology is closest to ICE and has no range issues, so adoption by traditional ICE drivers will be the smoothest path.

Prius is a familiar brand. It used to be a boring car, but suddenly it became a popular brand.

If you now add an inexpensive hot hatch to this brand, the Prius will seriously shake up the electric car market.

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