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  • The M3 CS and M4 CSL share the same engine and power output, but the M3 CS has the advantage of an all-wheel drive system, while the M4 CSL relies on rear-wheel drive. The M3 CS is slightly heavier, which levels the playing field.
  • In drag racing, the M3 CS dominated the M4 CSL due to its all-wheel drive capability. The M3 CS achieved a faster quarter-mile time compared to the M4 CSL.
  • In an off-road race where four-wheel drive and a launch system were not involved, the M4 CSL was the clear winner. It showed excellent performance and maintained its lead over the M3 CS.

In 2023 BMW M’s high-performance division has unveiled the M3 CS, a more powerful and lighter version of the four-door M3 Competition, badged as the Competition Sports model. This challenged another recent M-series release, the 2023 M4 CSL, where the “CSL” stands for Coupe Sport Lightweight, indicating that it’s a lighter and sportier two-door M4. This leaves us wondering which of the two is the better sports car. The The Carwow Gearheads have decided to settle this debate with the race

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The BMW M3 CS dominates the BMW M4 in the Drag Race

Comparison of characteristics

Name of the vehicle






Graduation year




BMW M TwinPower Turbo

BMW M TwinPower Turbo


3.0 liter

3.0 liter


543 hp

543 hp

A turning point

479 lb-ft

479 lb-ft


All-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive

Rear wheel drive


3891.2 lbs

3582.5 lbs

Comparing the broad characteristics, it becomes clear that determining the winner in this race will not be easy. The M3 CS and M4 CSL share the same engine and power. It should be noted that the specifications provided are for the European versions of both cars and may or may not be the same for the US market. The M3 CS benefits from an all-wheel drive system, while the M4 CSL relies on rear-wheel drive. However, the M3 CS is noticeably heavier, leveling the playing field on paper. The only way to solve this rivalry is real drag racing.

The team at Carwow staged a showdown by putting the M3 CS in a striking Isle Of Man Green Metallic livery alongside the M4 CSL in Brooklyn Grey. Matt Watson drives the M3 CS and Yanni Charalambous drives the M4 CSL.

Racing takes place in a best-of-five series where the M3 CS and M4 CSL compete in a standard quarter-mile race. The M3 CS, almost teasingly, warms up by doing donuts around the M4 CSL.

In a surprise twist, Matt Watson in the M3 CS quietly decided not to engage the car’s launch control, sticking to rear-wheel drive. This choice had a significant impact on M3 CS driving dynamics, as the launch control system remained inactive. The race begins with the M4 CSL taking a commendable lead over the M3 CS, securing the initial win.

With the score 1-0, the M3 CS continues to use rear-wheel drive mode for the second race. However, the results echo those of the first race: the M4 CSL started more effectively and took a decisive victory. This unexpected turn leaves Yanni in the M4 CSL very surprised and the M4 CSL extend their lead to 2-0.

The third race was a pivotal moment for the M3 CS. Matt decides to switch to the M3 CS’s 4WD mode. As the race progresses, the M3 CS pulls ahead and maintains its lead over the M4 CSL. He gets off to the great start he lacked in the first two races, keeping the M3 CS in contention at 2-1.

The fourth race follows the same scenario as the third. The M3 CS beats the M4 CSL in terms of launch and acceleration, giving it a big win. Yanni was visibly frustrated driving the M4 CSL.

In the decisive battle, the M3 CS proved unstoppable. This is direct dominance over the M4 CSL. The M4 CSL concedes defeat, largely due to the M3 CS’s game-changing all-wheel drive capability. The M3 CS runs the quarter mile in the fastest time of 11.1 seconds, while the M4 CSL is just behind at 11.5 seconds.

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The M4 CSL is the ultimate in racing


While the M3 CS showed its dominance in drag racesa different story unfolded during the race for these outstanding BMW M models. In this half-mile race, where four-wheel drive and launch control did not come into play, the M4 CSL was the clear winner.

In the first race, both cars were running in their most efficient modes, with the M3 CS in automatic mode. But it was a decisive victory for the M4 CSL, leaving the M3 CS far behind.

The second race didn’t help the M3 CS either. This time, both cars engaged their sportiest modes with third gear selected. Despite a tight fight, the M4 CSL maintained its lead.

In the final showdown, the M3 CS once again succumbed to the power of the M4 CSL. Matt had to admit defeat, impressed with the M4 CSL’s handling. Yanni at the wheel of the M4 CSL not only regained his confidence, but also took an outright victory over the M3 CS.

While the M3 CS demonstrated its all-wheel drive and launch control prowess in drag racing, the M4 CSL proved to be an unstoppable force in thrilling racing.

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Carbon ceramic disc brakes can tame the M3 CS and M4 CSL

2023 BMW M4 CSL wheel and brake kit

In an exciting battle between the M3 CS and the M4 CSL, each car had its moment of glory. The M3 CS triumphed in the drag race, while the M4 CSL won the rolling race. However, Carwow tried to settle the score by putting their stopping power to the ultimate test.

Both the M4 CS and M4 CSL come with 15.7-inch ventilated carbon-ceramic disc brakes up front and 15-inch versions at the rear. Technical characteristics of BMW USA. Impressively, the M3 CS demonstrated outstanding braking prowess with a stopping distance of 295 feet from 100 mph. Meanwhile, the M4 CSL achieved the same result in just 279 feet.

Carwow developed a unique braking test in which both cars were accelerated from 0 to 100 mph before Matt and Yanni hit the brakes full force. The result was a synchronized spectacle as both the M4 CS and M4 CSL came to a stop at the same time, highlighting the BMW’s exceptional braking capabilities.

Although there is no definitive winner in this test, the Carwow team ultimately awarded the overall victory to the M3 CS.

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M3 CS or M4 CSL: which one should you buy?

Interior details m3 cs

Comparing the M3 CS and the M4 CSL, it goes beyond their performance; practicality for everyday use is a crucial aspect to consider.

The M3 CS, essentially an improved M3 Competition xDrive, has been given the Club Sport Treatment, while the M4 CSL is the ultimate high-speed iteration of the BMW M4.

Starting with the M3 CS, it’s a front-engine sedan available in both all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive variants. Thanks to four doors, it comfortably accommodates four passengers. The M4 CSL, on the other hand, is a two-seat, two-door coupe. In terms of cargo space, the M3 CS offers a slightly more practical option with 13 cubic feet of storage, while the M4 CSL can hold up to 12 cubic feet.

Under the hood, both cars have the same 3.0-liter in-line 6-cylinder BMW M TwinPower Turbo engine. When it comes to fuel efficiency, that isThe EPA rates the M4 CSL can achieve a combined 18 mpg. The EPA has yet to test the 2023 M3 CS, but it’s expected to be better at 22 mpg.

Price also plays a significant role in this comparison. The M3 CS is priced up to $133,000, which includes all available upgrades. In contrast, the M4 CSL is the more expensive option, priced at $146,000 including all available upgrades. ago The M4 CSL is the more expensive choice of the two.

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