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  • The BMW M2 CS is part of the M Performance range and offers even more power and performance than the standard M models.
  • The upcoming M2 CS could share the same engine as the BMW M4 Competition, offering increased power and exclusive design features.
  • The heavily camouflaged M2 CS prototype seen testing at the Nürburgring shows off features such as an integrated boot lid spoiler and front splitter.

The BMW The M2 is part of the larger M Performance line, which is constantly growing over time and, more importantly, getting better and better. Until the petrol engine is phased out completely, M cars will be among the best there are when it comes to track-oriented performance of cars. That is until you come across the “CS” mark.

Drawing inspiration from the BMW E46 M3 CSL, the latest generation BMW M2 CS and the new BMW M3 CS offer even more power, dynamics and performance to the standard M models.

The latest M2 will also get the CS treatment again. As for what it will look like, we currently have these exclusive shots of the heavily/camouflaged prototype being tested at the Nürburgring, courtesy of HotCars photographer Brian Williams.

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The all-new BMW M2 CS will become even more hardcore

With a capacity of 453 hp. and 406 lb-ft of torque, the current-generation BMW G87 M2 is a mini-BMW M4, up 20 hp. less from its 3-liter twin-turbo inline-six engine. The last BMW M2 used a 365bhp straight-six engine, which was boosted to 405bhp. in the M2 Competition version (detuned 425 hp M4 engine) and finally the full 444 hp BMW M2 CS with the BMW M4 Competition engine. . But it was always available with a manual transmission, even in the “CS” trim.

That’s something that could change with the new CS variant, as the current BMW M3 and M4 Competition models require an automatic gearbox.

We could easily guess that the M2 CS could be powered by the 503 hp M4 Comp engine. and 479 lb-ft (an increase of 50 hp / 73 lb-ft), which will be behind the new BMW M3’s 550 hp power unit. Like the latest M3 CS, it could include features such as a retuned chassisreduced carbon fiber components, as well as increased engine power and exclusive design features.

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What does the prototype tell us about the new BMW M2 CS?

Via: BMW

This new model will offer a slight increase in acceleration and more dynamic handling thanks to weight reduction and individual chassis tuning.

The heavily camouflaged M2 shows little of interest in the exclusive images, but there is a prominent integrated trunk lid spoiler like the M4 CSL, the car that set the Nürburgring record with a time of 7:20 on the slightly longer track variant.

A front splitter is also seen on the M2 CS prototype, but the front bumper, air ducts and grille look the same as the standard M2.

If the BMW M2 is the spiritual successor to the BMW M3, the BMW M2 CS is the ancestor of one of the best M cars of the early 00s – the BMW E46 M3 CSL.

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