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  • The 2023 Jeep Avenger, a compact electric crossover for small families and city driving, has yet to arrive in the U.S. despite its success in Europe, where it has won awards including Car of the Year.
  • With a 51 kWh battery providing 152 hp. and a range of around 250 miles, the Avenger is relatively practical and designed for off-road driving, with some off-road qualities such as reasonable ground clearance and wading depth.
  • While the Avenger has an amazing interior design and familiar Jeep qualities, it may not be as affordable as it seems, with a starting price of $44,000 in the UK, similar to the European Jeep Compass E-Hybrid. It might be harder to sell in the US without all-wheel drive or the Trailhawk trim option.

This may sound confusing Jeep first all electric SUV does not come to the States, given that the American brand is an independent institution. But this is a compact crossover built in Europe to thrive in Europe. Stellantis built the Avenger on the same platform as other European cars.

Like the Auto Trader YouTube channel notes in a new video, the tough-looking baby Jeep has won awards everywhere, including European Car of the Year, so what’s the US missing out on?

Here’s what Rory learned after inspecting the revolutionary Jeep Avenger and why it might not be ready to replace the Renegade.

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The 2023 Jeep Avenger won’t be coming to the US…yet

This compact electric crossover, which has a common basis with other European brands, is designed for small families and urban everyday life. It looks like an affordable, practical and tough little SUV with familiar Jeep design qualities like the iconic grille, boxy shape and lots of plastic trim. Even the design of the taillights is carried over from the Renegade.

Rory lists the specs: the 51kWh offers 152bhp, and it will travel around 250 miles on a single charge. While the front-wheel-drive Avenger isn’t designed as an SUV, it does have 8 inches of ground clearance and 9 inches of fording, as well as optimized front and rear overhangs. He says that going down the road where most of the Avengers will spend all their time is great.

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How much is the 2023 Jeep Avenger?

Via: YouTube via Top Gear

The great interior design works well, but it’s a compact SUV and it’s short on space both inside and in the trunk.

The video highlights the widespread use of plastic coating, which is designed to take the brunt of the scratches and scuffs that everyday life throws at you and is cheaper to replace.

However, the Jeep Avenger may not be exactly an affordable protected Jeep, with an equivalent starting price of $44,000 in the UK, which is about the same as the European Jeep Compass E-Hybrid.

Such an electric car makes sense on the narrow roads of Europe and on shorter medium distances, where they will rarely be taken off the beaten track. It may be a harder sell in the US unless an all-wheel-drive model becomes available, and the Trailhawk trim will likely broaden its appeal.

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