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  • Older cars can still beat newer models when it comes to modifications and customization in the automotive world. StangMode’s Complete Bolt-On 2018 Mustang proves it.
  • StangMode’s Black Mamba Mustang features a “full catalog of parts,” including a Cervini hood, Form Lighting headlights, and a Steeda drag pack suspension kit.
  • When raced against a standard 2024 Ford Mustang GT, the StangMode Black Mamba proved to be the faster car, but individual factors such as setup and track conditions can affect the results.

Newer doesn’t always mean better, especially in the automotive world where older and classic cars can benefit from customization and modifications. Thus, even old cars from Ford, Chevrolet or Dodge can teach their younger siblings to respect their elders. With that in mind, YouTuber Kundan Naseer from YouTube channel StangMode shows off its 2018 Mustang Full Bolt-On 2024 Ford Mustang the reason why he should respect his older brother.

The Black Mamba: A full blast on the 2018 Mustang Dragster

Featuring no cars other than the Ford Mustang on his channel, StangMode is more than just a pony car enthusiast. He’s also a die-hard gearhead who’s willing to spend money just to upgrade his Mustang. He owns a cute 2018 Mustang called the Black Mamba that has been bolted on for thousands of dollars.

Different people can give different meaning to the term “bolt car”. Essentially, this means a car that has parts other than factory ones bolted to it. The difference is what replacement or aftermarket parts the Mustang owner would consider to be bolts.

In the case of StangMode’s Black Mamba, it includes a “full catalog of parts” such as a Cervini hood, Cervini front fascia, Form Lighting headlights and a Lethal Performance drag pack, along with a Steeda drag pack suspension kit. . It even has drag racing parts and components. According to StangMode, the Black Mamba’s engine is currently non-supercharged, but did not disclose its power rating at the time.

One YouTube comment mentions that the Mamba did the 1/4 mile in 8.8 seconds on supercharged and the 1/4 mile in 10.8 seconds on its current naturally aspirated setup.

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Papa Smurf: New Mustang GT 2024 by StangMode

Via: StangMode on YouTube

The Black Mamba goes up against the recently arrived 2024 Ford Mustang GT by StangMode. This Mustang GT was named Papa Smurf after the blue characters of the cartoon. Its only modifications are the MBRP tires and exhaust. Other than that, everything is standard and unmodified, including the Coyote V8 engine and 10-speed automatic transmission.

The 2024 Mustang GT is more powerful than the previous equivalent model. Him The V8 engine now provides a maximum power of 480 hp. and 415 lb-ft of torque. However, Papa Smurf may have a bit more power due to the secondary exhaust.

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The black mamba was faster, but maybe not the white one

white 2018 Ford Mustang GT
Via: StangMode on YouTube

Compared to the old Black Mamba – the one with the boost – Papa Smurf lacks power. The beefed-up Black Mamba Mustang was an eight-second drag racer that could go from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.26 seconds. But StangMode ran this test in a different setup, on a different day, and in a different place. Meanwhile, the 2024 Mustang managed a best 0-60 time of 4.33 seconds.

It’s worth mentioning StangMode’s rather suspect decision not to publicize the Black Mamba’s unboosted 0-60mph sprint. After launching the Black Mamba without boosting, StangMode looked at the screen and looked disappointed. On the track, Black Mamba is significantly faster, but it’s possible that it might actually be slower than a standard Papa Smurf on this day. Only StangMode knows for sure.

Source: StangMode on YouTube

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