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  • Battery degradation is a serious problem for EV owners, especially used ones. Checking the condition of the battery before purchase is crucial to avoid expensive replacements.
  • Range anxiety is a real concern, even with new EV models. Limited range and the risk of battery drain make long journeys stressful and impractical for many drivers.
  • Electric cars are not available to the masses, the average price is higher than the average salary in the US. Cheaper electric cars have limited range and are inconvenient for families or long trips.

Possession electric car sounds like a dream to most of us as the benefits seem to be increasing, especially compared to traditional ICE cars. They’re quiet, can be charged overnight (3.6 times cheaper per mile than gas), and are usually jam-packed with interesting tech and gadgets.

However, remember the old adage: the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, and the same goes for EV owners. Do you like the simple Nissan Leaf or the latest technology Teslathe world of electric car owners is a matter of serious concern.

Read on to learn about the top concerns about driving an electric car and see if they’re enough to keep you in a traditional gas or diesel car.

The information is collected from various sources, including Kelly’s Blue Book, Teslaand Miniso we can explain these challenges to owning and driving an electric car to you.

Battery drain is a serious concern

This is a huge concern for many potential EV buyers, and it’s not unfair either, as battery degradation is a given. While this is less of a concern with a brand new model, many of us are forced to consider used cars because let’s face it, a new car is a huge financial investment these days.

When you consider that fast charging drains batteries faster than overnight charging and that hot weather can also significantly affect battery life. Suddenly, a used EV sounds like it could be a problem. How can you be sure that the previous owners did everything they could to extend the life of the battery?

Tesla claims their batteries are designed for hundreds of thousands of miles, but the truth is that owners have only experienced real battery degradation after a few years and 100,000 miles.

Fortunately, there is a handy trick that allows you to check the battery condition of any used electric vehicle. First, make sure the car is 100% charged and note the available range. Next, divide that range by the factory-specified maximum range of the new sample, then multiply that number by 100; you will have the remaining battery life as a percentage.

This clever trick will allow you to measure how low the battery of a used electric car is, and of course, the lower the number, the closer you will spend to completely replace the battery.

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Many drivers still suffer from anxiety about the range

Fiat 500e coupe and convertible

Range concerns are another very serious concern for EV drivers and pose a threat to those who can afford newer models, not just older ones. Take, for example, the Mini Cooper SE and the Fiat 500e, the latter of which will be introduced in North America next year. Both of these EVs have a very limited range, only 145 and 150 miles respectively.

Keep in mind that these ranges are based on driving in ideal conditions, and suddenly anything other than city cruising becomes a real stress. To add to this stress, draining the battery will accelerate the discharge process, especially if it occurs frequently or remains discharged for a long period of time; it’s a concern that simply doesn’t apply to owners of traditional ICE-powered cars.

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Electric cars are not available to the masses

2022 Rivian R1T R1S front quarter

The parent company of Kelley Blue Book, Cox Automotive conducted a study of the average cost of new cars in America this year, which revealed some interesting information. Not only did the average price of a new car increase to $48,334, but the average price of an electric vehicle still exceeded that price to $53,469 as of July 2023.

Contrast this with what the average salary in the US is just over $59,000, according to Forbesand it is clear that for a large part of society, electric cars are simply out of reach.

Also, as seen above, the cheaper range of electric cars is not as practical as the cheaper diesel cars due to their limited range and urban-oriented capabilities. If, for example, you have a family and a long commute, these cheaper electric cars are simply not practical, so you will have to spend a lot more for an electric car that meets your needs.

Impracticality and safety issues associated with driving an electric vehicle

Twitter – TheGrandTour

For many of us, it is the impracticality of an electric car that makes the transition from a gas or diesel car unattractive. One particularly unpleasant example of this is the loss of range experienced by electric car drivers in the winter. This leads to longer queues at charging stations in bad weather, rather than just reliable year-round range.

This next issue is more about safety, and it’s very real, as EVs are known to catch fire, especially during incidents. Take the famous example of Richard Hammond crashing a Rimac supercar during that infamous one Grand tour episode; According to Jeremy Clarkson, Rimac continued to work for several days after the incident due to battery damage.

For those who care about the environment, owning and driving an electric car may seem like a great choice, but it’s not that simple. There’s a lot of speculation around how clean battery recycling and disposal is, plus there’s the fact that charging still requires using fossil fuels if you don’t have access to a renewable energy source.

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Reducers will not be able to take advantage of a car with an internal combustion engine

Dodge Charger Daytona SRT rear with exhaust and taillights
Via: Stellantis

It might not be the biggest issue, especially with the latest trend in exhaust speakers (check out the synthetic exhaust on this Dodge Charger), but the lack of exhaust sound will definitely put off some driving enthusiasts.

A more serious problem is the inability to work on one’s own car; Tesla battery packs can cost upwards of $15,000 to replace, and they don’t just replace a faulty module. Instead, Tesla technicians will remove and replace the entire battery pack, which is the equivalent of replacing the entire engine if one component fails.

What’s more, electric cars can offer incredible performance in a conventional car, and this may come as a shock to some drivers. This could potentially lead to some owners unknowingly speeding, especially if they like to drive on autopilot, therefore getting ticketed more often.

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