Best PS5 deals: The cheapest prices and all the PS5 bundles you can buy

If you don’t have a PlayStation 5 yet, or are planning on giving it as a gift to a loved one, you’ve come to the right place as we’ve rounded up the best PS5 deals. You can enjoy discounts not only on Sony’s next-generation video game consoles, but also on bundles that pair them with games and accessories. However, there are still many PS5 enthusiasts, so don’t be surprised if this offer sells out quickly. If you don’t want to miss out, you should decide what to buy from this offer as quickly as possible.

Refurbished PlayStation 5 Digital Edition — $380, was $399


This is probably the cheapest price you can pay for a PlayStation 5 — getting a refurbished digital version of the console, which doesn’t use a disc drive and relies on online downloads. It’s not new, but it’s guaranteed to be in good working condition so you can play it the best PS5 games after installing them from the PlayStation Store or via a PlayStation Plus subscription.

Refurbished PlayStation 5 — $460, was $500

Sony PlayStation 5 console and packaging on white background.

If you want it The PlayStation 5 comes with a disc drive because if you like collecting physical copies of the best PS5 exclusive games, you can also get them for a lower price than usual if you go for a refurbished console. The disc drive in the PS5 allows for backwards compatibility with your PS4 games, and the Digital Edition requires a fast internet connection at all times so you won’t get frustrated with long download times.

New PlayStation 5 Console — $500

PlayStation 5 with controller.

It is recommended to buy a new PlayStation 5 if you are concerned about the reliability of a refurbished console, but of course, you will have to pay full price. PS5 stock is no longer as limited as it was when it launched at the end of 2020, so it will be easier to buy a PS5 directly.

Final Fantasy XVI PS5 Bundle — $560

PS5 with FFXVI branding on the packaging.

The Final Fantasy XVI PS5 Bundle includes the standard PlayStation 5 version and a full game voucher Final Fantasy XVI. The latest entry in Square Enix’s long-running RPG series features a fierce, fast-paced combat system, as well as a gripping story following the game’s hero, Clive Rosfield, set on the continent of Valisthea.

PS5 Limited Edition Spider-Man 2 Bundle — $600

PS5 Spider-Man 2 Edition with special paint job.

The PS5 Limited Edition Spider-Man 2 Bundle is the perfect console for fans of Marvel’s Web Crawler. It comes with a standard PlayStation 5 with a limited edition console cover and a DualSense wireless controller featuring a symbiote takeover design. You’ll also get a voucher for a digital copy Marvel’s Spider-Man 2which you can download when it releases on October 20.

PlayStation 5 Console and PS VR2 Bundle — $1,099

PS VR2 headset and controller.

Jump into virtual reality with PlayStation VR2, which runs on the standard PlayStation 5. In addition to the VR headset, you’ll get a pair of Sense controllers that feature haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, just like the console’s DualSense controller. You will also receive a copy Mountain Horizon Calla virtual reality adventure that adds to the lore of the Horizon franchise.

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