This MK1 Ford Focus RS render is our mid-engine gift to Ken Block Hoonigan | Taza Khabre


  • Ken Block’s legacy lives on with his car number 43 celebrated in a new MK1 Ford Focus RS render.
  • The render shows a modified version of the MK1 Focus RS, with a mid-engined layout and a striking new active aero system.
  • A wide body kit and additional aero parts give the car a muscular look, and an active aerodynamic kit adds a cool party trick to the car.

Although entrepreneur, racer and entertainer Ken Block passed away this January, his legacy certainly lives on. His car number – 43 – also lives on and is featured in this new rendering from HotCars artist Timothy Edry Emmanuel. It’s a celebration of both the founder of Hoonigan and the often underrated hatchback from Ford.

This render shows the MK1 Ford Focus RS hot hatchback which was not sold in the States, like the second generation. Thankfully, the third-generation RS did make it to North America, but the original MK1 is where the magic first turned the bland road car into something raw and special.

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The spiritual predecessor of the Ford Focus RS RX: meet the KB43V3R

The block used one of two special Focus RS RXs for the 2016/2017 FIA World Rallycross Championship, which were designed and built in collaboration between Ford Performance, M-Sport and the Hoonigan Racing Division.

The car initially featured a road-going skin but bore little resemblance to any production Ford Focus – it featured a 600bhp 2-litre engine, custom-tuned suspension, carbon fiber body panels and an advanced handling system that included a giant, folding wing.

This car goes even further by changing the engine setup to mid-engine and introducing an amazing new active aero system. On the outside, the car’s graphics are similar to Hoonigan’s RS RX with a zebra pattern, and Block’s “43” is prominently displayed next to the Monster logo.

As the rendering is based on the MK1 Focus RS hot hatch, the engine could be a modified version of that car’s 209bhp 2-litre engine, but based on the mid-engine placement we suspect something more powerful, like the twin-turbo Ecoboost. V6 from the Ford F-150 Raptor.

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How much is the Ford Focus RS worth today?

HotCars Photo © 2023 Valnet

The front end and greenhouse of the MK1 Ford Focus RS return with a wide body kit and many additional aero parts, resulting in a wide, muscular body. Its wheels are a nod to the original car, but painted blue like the RS RX; from behind, the car bears little resemblance to the MK1 RS.

A roof box and side intakes feed air to the virtual engine, while the wide rear grilles are reminiscent of many iconic rally-inspired mid-engined hot hatches, including the Renault 5 Turbo. The two-stage wing is not the main feature of the aero package – it will be an active aerodynamic setup on the front wings and rear quarter panels. These valves open during hard braking, creating extra drag and giving the car a cool party trick.

Although Ken was able to drive the MK1 Focus RS in real life, the MK1 never came to the US. The first-generation RS looked like a standard Focus from afar, but was an improved front-wheel drive car with mostly new or redesigned parts. Ford Focus RS of the third generation still crossed the Atlantic – an all-wheel drive 350-horsepower gift to the USA; sold from 2016 to 2018. Today at auction they are worth about $36,000.

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