3 movies like Netflix’s Reptile you should watch in October


This week, Netflix has premiered it Reptile, a new neo-noir crime thriller co-written by Benicio del Toro, Benjamin Brewer, and director Grant Singer. And it’s a throwback to similar films in the genre from the 1990s and early 2000s. Del Toro stars in the film as Detective Tom Nichols, a man tasked with solving the brutal murder of Summer Elswick (Matilda Lutz). Summer’s boyfriend, Will Grady (Justin Timberlake), finds her body, but he can’t escape suspicion about her death. In fact, there seems to be no shortage of male suspects involved in Summer’s life.

However, this film is more than just a case in point. Although Tom’s wife, Judy Nichols (Alicia Silverstone), can share her insight into Summer’s murder, her relationship with Tom may not be what it seems. And Tom’s life is about to unravel before his eyes.

We predicted that Reptile will quickly climb the rankings of Netflix’s 10 most popular films. And after you finish enjoying Reptiletwists and turns, we recommend you watch these three films next.

The Little Things (2021)

Denzel Washington examines a corpse in The Little Things.
Warner Bros. Pictures

It’s almost too easy to believe that Jared Leto is a serial killer The little things. Leto’s character, Albert Sparma, is always checking every box for a psychopathic killer… but there’s no evidence to prove he’s off the hook. That’s why Deputy Sheriff Joe “Deke” Deacon (Equalizer 3Denzel Washington) couldn’t give up on trying to prove Sparma guilty even though the case was no longer under his jurisdiction.

When a young woman named Rhonda Rathbun (Maya Kazan) goes missing, Deacon convinces Detective James “Jim” Baxter (Rami Malek) that Sparma is responsible. But as Sparma continues to taunt the two men about his possible involvement, Deacon and Baxter must determine how far they will go to prove Sparma’s guilt.

Watch The little things on Max.

Gone darling is gone (2007)

Amy Ryan and Casey Affleck look the same in the film Gone Baby Gone.
Miramax Films

Ben Affleck made his directorial debut with Gone, darling, lost, and cast his younger brother, Casey Affleck, in the lead role as private investigator Patrick Kenzie. Patrick and his partner/girlfriend, Angie Gennaro (Michelle Monaghan), are out of control when they take on a case to find Amanda McCready (Madeline O’Brien), a missing four-year-old girl who may have been kidnapped. .

Patrick and Angie soon learn that Amanda’s mother, Helene McCready (Just Murder in the BuildingAmy Ryan), has been less open about her criminal ties and how they relate to Amanda’s disappearance. Patrick is convinced that a local drug dealer named Cheese (Edi Gathegi) kidnapped Amanda, but the case proves to be much more complicated than Patrick or Angie suspected.

Watch Gone, darling, lost on Most importantly+.

The Murderer Inside Me (2010)

Kate Hudson and Casey Affleck in The Killer in Me.
IFC Films

Casey Affleck also stars The Killer Inside Me as a character who is clearly darker than he is portrayed as Gone, darling, lost. In this adaptation of Jim Thompson’s novel, Affleck stars as Deputy Sheriff Lou Ford, a man far more dangerous than the criminals he’s supposed to lock up. Ford is more than just amoral — he’s a psychopath with a badge who doesn’t think twice about cheating on his girlfriend, Amy Stanton (Kate Hudson), or killing anyone who gets in his way.

Ford finds a willing partner in crime in Joyce Lakeland (Jessica Alba), a prostitute who puts up with his physical abuse. But as Ford’s criminal activities became too brazen, even his fellow deputies openly suspected that he was corrupt. And no one is safe as Ford tries to cover his tracks and hide his crimes.

Watch The Killer Inside Me on Tube.

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