Samsung just got $200 off this massive 85-inch 4K TV


Samsung is best known for its smartphones and TVs; we’re always amazed by the technology and the price every time we see one. For example, this class of 85-inch UHD CU7000 is huge, but its regular price is $1,300, which is often too much to ask of people. Luckily, Samsung has a really good deal at $200 off, bringing it down to a slightly more attractive $1,100, which is still a pretty big deal until you remember that’s for a large 85-inch Samsung TV. Therefore, this is one of our favorite Samsung TV deals this week and worth checking out if you want a big-screen TV.

Why you should buy the Crystal UHD CU7000 85 inch

Inside, the UHD CU7000 runs Crystal Processor 4K, one of their best processors, which gives you a lot of great features, like 4k upscaling so you can watch older content without any problems. Likewise, you get more than just regular HDR HLG, the type of HDR that most broadcasters use, especially sports broadcasters. Therefore, if you are a sports fan, this is a great TV both for its size and HLG support. You also get PurColor, a technology that covers a wider portion of the color gamut, giving you better colors than lower-priced or similar traditional TVs. Another feature we love is Q-Symphony, which lets you sync any Samsung Q-series or S-Series soundbar you might need to create a truly impressive surround sound sensation.

It’s all, of course, built on top of Samsung’s Smart TV Hub, which gives you access to all the apps and features you’d expect from Google TV and Roku. Plus, if you have a Samsung Galaxy phone, you can sync it for some additional features and controls, which is pretty cool. However, one of the coolest features is the Samsung Gaming Hub, which gives you access to several game streaming services so you can play directly on your TV without needing to own your own gaming console or PC.

If you’re looking for a large TV on a budget, the 85-inch Crystal UHD CU7000 is a great choice. Not only does it have the same great build quality and features as a Samsung TV, but it also has a great deal from Samsung, bringing the price down to $1,100 compared to the usual $1,300. That said, if that’s too expensive for you or the screen is too big, there are plenty of other great TV deals you can take advantage of.

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