Google may kill Gmail spam with an upcoming major update

Google Workspace has plans to improve security within Gmail in the coming year, with a focus on making mass emails less likely to overwhelm users.

Meanwhile the brand has started share details of its plans for Gmail, it won’t start rolling out updates to the email service until February 1, 2024. The advance notice was to prepare users, especially those browsing the Gmail platform in bulk, meaning more than 5,000 messages at a time, of the upcoming changes.

Google Workspace

These new requirements are intended to make Gmail more secure and user-friendly, as well as reduce spam for high-volume users, who may be particularly vulnerable to phishing and malware attacks, unaware of security holes that criminals can exploit. .

Last month, for example, a team of hackers managed to infiltrate Microsoft Teams to carry out a phishing scam called “DarkGate Loader.” The scheme centers on fake Teams messages about “vacation schedule changes,” but contains complex hidden malware when downloaded. Cybersecurity researchers discovered that hackers were able to access Teams through compromised Office 365 accounts and even found unsecured email addresses they could take over.

Such incidents are the reason Google Workspace continues to enforce its new requirements, which include email authentication, the ability to easily unsubscribe, and email assurance. Yahoo is also partnering with Google to meet these requirements in its email provider, with the goal of making it an industry standard.

Email authentication will require bulk senders to confirm themselves as the account owner before continuing to send emails, “following established best practices.” This requirement will be established as a security measure to find exploits before hackers can find them.

Culk users will be able to unsubscribe with one click from commercial emails, a two-day process.

Guaranteeing email to a large number of users will require spam levels in the inbox to be limited, thereby reducing the amount of spam seen in your inbox. Google says the implementation is an industry first.

Google notes that while these requirements are already common practice for many Gmail users, their strict implementation will help improve the health of the platform from February 2024 onwards.

This guide is intended for mass users with personal accounts ending in or, or work or school accounts from Google Workspace. The final account does not end with, but is associated with an organization, such as .edu.

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