Is it too late to buy Polygon? MATIC price rises 11% and this lesser-known crypto may be the next to explode | Taza Khabre

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Polygon (MATIC) is recovering amid strong proposal progress towards Polygon 2.0 and an increase in whale MATIC transactions, and some are asking “is it too late to buy Polygon?”.

The dramatic resurgence comes as a number of PIP governance proposals (PIP-24 and PIP-25) have been introduced, with both proposals aimed at updating the witness recording system required for Polygon 2.0.

And this coincides with an increase in the activity of Polygon whales, with the number of transactions worth more than $100,000 growing by 16.96% during the past week.

MATIC Price Analysis: Is It Too Late To Buy Polygon After The Whale Rises?

As price action picks up, MATIC is currently trading at a market price of $0.58 (which represents a 24 hour change of +3.72%).

The bounce was triggered by the recovery of the vital 20DMA support, which had acted to suppress bullish moves for 68 days since July 24.

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Bolstered by support at the 20DMA, MATIC is up 10.3% since Sunday.

The 200 DMA now forms a top-level goal, a $0.77 – a level that would allow MATIC to recover the technical position of August.

As for Polygon’s indicators, the RSI it has increased substantially with the recent increase, now it overheated 62.84 – this could suggest the need to consolidate or pull back in the short term.

However, the MACD continues with a minor bullish divergence a 0.0090 – reflecting the growing momentum driven by whaling transactions.

Overall, MATIC looks balanced here, with a bullish stance above the 20DMA pointing to the 200DMA; the rise seems likely to follow a brief consolidation at current levels.

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That leaves Polígon with one aim upwards below the 200DMA a $0.71 (a potential +21.66%).

while inconvenience Price action is facing a possible pullback towards lower trendline support a $0.50 (a possible -13.98%)).

So MATIC has one risk: reward of 1.55 – a strong entry characterized by decent upside potential.

But while bag holders watch the move to the upside, smart traders are turning profits to the fastest-growing GambleFi project on Telegram.

Fastest Growing GambleFi Project – Don’t Sleep On TG Casino As Presale Hits $394,000

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As Telegram and GambleFi Trading Bots Dominate September Narratives, TG.Casino ($TGC) Presale Is Gaining Major Attention – Approaching $280,000 Raised In Few Days, Here’s Why It Should be on your radar.

TG.Casino is not just another fast Telegram bot, but an intricately crafted ecosystem that combines the excitement of the casino world with the decentralized advantage of blockchain.

Being a fully licensed casino that seamlessly integrates with Telegram, which boasts over 700 million users, the reach and potential is undeniable.

Ease of use, amplified by a KYC-free protocol, makes it an attractive proposition for both newbies and crypto veterans with easy onboarding ensuring a smooth path to new user growth.

With a variety of offers, from thousands of live casino games, slots and table games to extensive sports betting, it guarantees an immersive experience.

And for those who want to start their journey, the matching deposit bonus of 150% on the first deposit plus 500 free spins is the cherry on top.

From a security point of view, users can rest assured: all data and funds are encrypted, which ensures solid protection against potential threats.

While the $TGC token not only facilitates instant transactions, it also serves as the beating heart of this dynamic ecosystem.

The TG Casino Presale: Hype and beyond

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The pre-sale is where things get even more intriguing, as the bet APY on offer is nothing short of spectacular, standing proudly at 3,446%.

With over a million tokens being wagered within a day of the pre-sale’s launch, the momentum is palpable.

And a well-designed buyback mechanism ensures price stability and regular rewards, a plus for the community.

The utility of the $TGC token is another aspect to note, beyond its primary function in the casino world, its adaptability, whether exchanged for game credits or other cryptos, adds layers to its potential growth.

Its role in transactions, from deposits to withdrawals, means its fundamental role in the framework of TG.Casino.

How to buy TG Casino before?

Step 1: Go to their official website

The first thing you want to get right is to go to their official website.

Step 2: Create a crypto wallet

You need to set up a crypto wallet and it is important to choose a wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens as this is the TGC standards.

Step 3: Buy ETH or USDT

Next is to buy some Ethereum (ETH) or Tether (USDT) as these are the tokens used to trade on TGC.

Step 4: Connect Wallet to Presale Dashboard

Go to TG.Casino website and click the “Connect Wallet” button. A pop-up box will appear, where investors can choose their wallet provider and link their wallet to the pre-sale dashboard.

Step 5: Buy TG.Casino Token

Investors will see an order box on the screen where they can select ETH or USDT (or buy from BSC) to use for the exchange. Investors also need to decide the amount of $TGC coin they want to buy; the minimum investment is $1,000 TGC. After making sure everything is correct, confirm the trade.

Step 6 – Claim the TG.Casino Token

After the TG.Casino pre-sale ends, there will be a Token Generation Event (TGE), where investors can claim their purchased tokens by clicking the “Claim” button on the TG.Casino home page. That’s it for how to buy TG.Casino.

TG Casino’s Unmatched Tokenomics Could Trigger GambleFi’s Biggest Moonshot

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Finally, the TG.Casino ($TGC) presale is not just an opportunity; is a front row ticket to the future of Telegram GambleFi.

With the supply of tokenomics, distributed fairly between the pre-sale, liquidity pools, staking rewards and player rewards, and further bolstered by TG Casino’s exciting 3,446% APY, this project is positioned to become a big name in the GambleFi vertical.

Its combination of a comprehensive ecosystem, attractive financial benefits and a user-centric approach make it an attractive prospect. But, as always, arm yourself with research, and here are the successful companies!

Dive into the TG.Casino Presale now.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all your capital.

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