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Swatch lets you place Webb’s stunning space images on the watch face


Space fans have been amazed by the stunning images beamed back to Earth by the James Webb Space Telescope since it became operational last year.

The most powerful space telescope ever built uses a near-infrared camera (NIRCam) to peer deeper into space than ever before, and scientists hope its discovery can help unravel some of the mysteries of the universe.

Science aside, many of the images are beautiful, showing colorful nebulae and dazzling galaxies far from Earth.

Now, in a special partnership between the European Space Agency and watchmaker Swatch, you can create your own watch face using one of these stunning images.

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You can design the watch face using the online configurator at Swatch X You website.

The $135 watch will ship with an ESA-branded strap, a custom sleeve, and a postcard featuring an image of the telescope used for the design.

This offer launched on Wednesday and will last until December 17.

Professor Carole Mundell from ESA commented about the collaboration, and described it as “an incredible opportunity to share our passion for space and science through this beautiful and inspiring design.”

Mundell added: “Astronomers were originally keepers of dates and times. Today, our telescopes look back thousands, millions, even billions of years. Whenever you check the time, this watch will also give you a stunning view of time and space on a cosmic scale.”

In a related effort, the United States Postal Service (USPS) last year launched a specially designed stamp celebrating the James Webb Space Telescope. The image on the stamp shows an artist’s digitally created depiction of a telescope, with a striking starscape in the background.

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