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  • YouTuber Shmee150 recently acquired a brand new Ferrari 296 GTS, making it the second Ferrari in his collection.
  • Schmi chose various exterior options, including a unique orange-red color called Rosso Dino and a full set of carbon fiber visual components.
  • The interior of its 296 GTS features two-tone design options for the seats, contrast stitching, headrest embroidery and several technology options such as suspension lift and premium Hi-Fi audio. Total cost with options is $429,590.

Possession a Ferrari this is probably the dream of many motorists. Ferraris tend to hold their value on the used car market, but can be a bit “affordable” compared to buying a brand new prancing horse. But if you have the money, buying a new Ferrari is even better. Tim Burton, aka YouTuber Shmee150knows this well, having recently acquired a stunning new Ferrari 296 GTS supercar for about $430,000.

Shmee150 gets a new Ferrari 296 GTS

Shmee150 or Shmee, known for his large collection of supercars and his car-related YouTube videos, is adding new rides to his growing fleet. One of its latest purchases is the new Ferrari 296 GTS, which the Italian automaker describes as an evolution of the two-seater berlinetta spider concept car with a central rear-engine layout. This convertible is essentially a hybrid supercar, combining power (a total of 830 hp) with the new V6 engine and the plug-in electric motor (PHEV) that debuted on the 296 GTB.

According to a British YouTuber, he wanted his new Ferrari to be completely custom built. After all, the 296 GTS is only his second Ferrari after the simply adorable SF90 Stradale. To make the supercar completely different, Schmi took advantage of the various options that the automaker has to offer.

However, opting for these features can be expensive, as every available option for the 296 GTS carries a hefty price tag. Fortunately, Shmee150 is more than willing to reveal how much he spent on his option-rich 296 GTS.

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Rosso Dino exterior with visual carbon fiber

Via: Shmee150 on YouTube

According to Schmi, the price of the 296 GTS in the UK at the time of writing was around $339,664 (all currencies converted to US dollars at the time of writing). Adding road tax and registration, the amount is $340,505. The cost increases significantly when he considers the personalization options.

Schmi chose numerous exterior options, all of which corresponded to his preferences. For example, he chose the orange and red Rosso Dino because the car’s design pays homage to the Dino of the 1960s. The exterior of this 296 GTS – Schmi’s latest addition to his collection – includes a full set of carbon fiber visuals (front splitter, underdoor cover, rear diffuser), Matte Black exhaust, satin Prancing Horse badges, Grigio Corsa wheels, Giallo and Scuderia calipers Shields.

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Interior and technological options for the Ferrari 296 GTS

The interior of the Ferrari 296 GTS
Via: Shmee150 on YouTube

Meanwhile, the two-tone interior of Shmee’s Ferrari 296 features different seat options (specific design, ventilated, old leather with special thread), colored inserts in Grigio Scuro Alcantara, contrast stitching, headrest embroidery and colored interior details, as well as colored and carbon LED helm. Shmee150 has also added several technology options such as suspension lift, adaptive front light, front radar, front driving camera, surround view camera, rear radar and Hi-Fi premium audio.

All exterior and interior options for this 296 GTS are priced at $36,879 and $29,113 respectively. After Shmee150 adds the technology options ($23,091), the total additional cost is $89,084. When you factor in all costs, including road tax and registration, the total price of the new 296 GTS is approximately $429,590. For a guy who buys supercars for the love of them, the sum is simply worth it.

Source: Shmee150 on YouTube, Ferrari

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