24 Hours Left Before Scorpion Casino Presale Stage 8 Ends – Why You Shouldn’t Miss This New Crypto | Taza Khabre

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The eighth stage of the Scorpion Casino (SCORP) presale is ending. In 24 hours, the presale price will increase and investors will have to pay more to secure their tokens.

Growing presale traffic suggests a presale is on the horizon for SCORP, which has quickly become one of the most viral tokens of 2023.

The project has raised $1,250,000 in the pre-sale so far.

A new competitor to GambleFi

Online betting is very popular. The dynamic segment has been attracting a lot of attention for its ease of access and instant payments. The online gambling sector within the Web3 sector in particular is growing rapidly. Another sector of gambling to win within GambleFi that attracts users is sports betting.

A blockchain foundation gives transparency and fairness to these projects, unlike what is seen in traditional or online spaces. Because all blockchain transactions are recorded in an immutable, decentralized ledger, no one can tamper with them. Manipulations in favor of the houses are so common in the traditional gaming space that users have found a safe haven in blockchain-based online gaming platforms like Scorpion Casino.

The massive reception of Rollbit Coin, which increased by 5000% this year, is another example of the changing trend. While Rollbit Coin has become saturated due to its high market cap, Scorpion Casino is poised to follow a higher trajectory.

Accessible, inclusive

According to recent reports, the online gambling market is poised to reach a staggering valuation of $145.6 billion by 2030. The industry presents a wealth of investment opportunities if it hits the market in the right time

But if you don’t have the financial resources and industry experience, it’s not for you. Also, project launches often take up to a year to materialize. Time, capital and technical barriers limit market entry and keep it in the hands of a few.

Although establishing a casino may seem like an elusive dream after reviewing these statistics, the truth is more optimistic. What we discussed above is only applicable to the traditional casino sector.

The Web3 sector, being focused on the community, offers a new perspective. Web3 based casinos take an inclusive approach when it comes to investments and participation. In other words, a platform like Scorpion Casino allows people to become investors with a budget as modest as $100.

Scorpion Casino opens the doors to the thriving gambling sector for people from different financial and professional backgrounds through SCORP. Native cryptography plays a critical role in enabling various payments and rewarding activities within the ecosystem. It enhances the accessibility and inclusion of the platform.

Scorpion Casino has a rich ecosystem

Scorpion Casino caters to the diverse preferences of its global user base. Within its virtual walls, you will find a wide range of exciting casinos, live betting, sports betting and games of chance.

To give you a better idea of ​​the scale, Scorpion Casino offers 30,000 betting opportunities every month. With SCORP chips, you can access over 210 casino games, spanning a wide spectrum from classic slots and blackjack to the thrill of roulette and poker.

Sourced from renowned game providers such as Evolution, NetEnt, Play N Go, Novomatic, EGT and AMATIC, they guarantee maximum security and user experience.

Sports fans, on the other hand, can access sports betting contests for 35 different sports. If you’ve spent countless hours watching sports channels, now you can put your knowledge to practical use and potentially earn attractive rewards for doing so.

A safe haven in an unpredictable market

Numerous tokens have succumbed to the unpredictable nature of market trends, ETH and BTC are no exception. It is clear that utility and user bases are not enough to stabilize the growth of a token’s price. A vibrant ecosystem alone cannot save a project when a market downturn hits.

This is where deflationary tokenomics comes into play.

Scorpion Casino has introduced innovative betting and recording mechanisms as tools to mitigate the impact of the inevitable crashes that hit the market from time to time. But unlike most competitors, it doesn’t rely solely on tokenomics.

Scorpion Casino reserves a portion of its daily profits to support both win and burn betting mechanisms equally.

SCORP is to multiply by 10 by 2023

Scorpion Casino stands out as a solid investment in the crowded crypto market, backed by a wealth of gambling utilities. In addition, it maintains resistance to market fluctuations through its dual utility and deflationary mechanisms.

A 10X appreciation in value by 2023 is an achievable goal for SCORP at launch. The great reception of the pre-sale is a preview of the upcoming bull runs. With more features and safety standards, Rollbit is ready for an even more dynamic ride next year.

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