5 Horror Films Like The Exorcist: Believer that You Must Watch

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This weekend, The Exorcist: The Believer is trying to breathe new life into the 50-year-old franchise. It’s hard because Exorcists is one of the best horror films of all time, and there are countless imitators. So if you’ve ever seen one of those films ExorcistsYou’ve seen it all.

That’s why this list steers clear of films that recycle their premises Exorcists again and again. After all, how many times can you witness priests trying to cast out evil spirits from a girl or young woman? Instead, our picks for five beloved horror films The Exorcist: The Believer focus more on films that have thematic similarities. Although there are some ownership stories here too.

The Witch (2017)

Thomasin looks at the camera with a smug look on her face in The Witch.

Witch is not a tale of possession, but the story of how evil targeted an isolated Puritan family in the early 17th century. Young Thomasin (NorthernerAnya Taylor-Joy (in a superb role) receives the worst of her parents, William (Ralph Ineson) and Katherine (Kate Dickie), when misfortune befalls them and Thomasin’s two younger brothers are killed.

As the title suggests, there is a Witch (Bathsheba Garnett) in the forest who is the mastermind behind the terror that befell the family. And by pushing Thomasin away from them, William and Katherine may also precipitate their own destruction.

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Evil Dead Resurrection (2023)

A zombie mother is looking forward to Evil Dead Rise.
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You will find that crimes tend to target young girls Exorcists, The Exorcist: The Believerand many other films in this genre. Evil Dead Resurrection slightly changing this trend by making a mother named Ellie (Alyssa Sutherland) a victim of possession. But it wasn’t Ellie’s fault. After an earthquake, Ellie’s son, Danny (Morgan Davies), discovers a hidden room in their apartment complex containing recordings of a demonic event that occurred nearly a century earlier. As the recording plays, the evil Deadites awaken and turn Ellie into their doll.

Ellie’s younger sister, Beth (Lily Sullivan), is forced to step in to defend her niece from the unspeakable creature that was once their mother. And the possessed Ellie knows how to hurt the people she loves, even if she only uses words.

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Change (1980)

George C. Scott in Change.
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Change is the strangest on this list because there is no story of possession or young women in danger. Instead, it’s a sinister horror story about a grieving man, John Russell (George C. Scott), who moves into a mansion and slowly learns that it is haunted by a vengeful spirit. Compared with modern haunted house movies, Change quieter with his fears. But Scott’s performance grounds the story in reality in a way we don’t usually see in horror films.

When John tries to find out why the spirit in the house won’t move on, he holds a séance and discovers a murder conspiracy going back decades with an unlikely connection to incumbent United States Senator Joseph Carmichael (Melvyn Douglas).

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Lights Out (2016)

Teresa Palmer and Gabriel Bateman in Lights Out.
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If you watch the original Exorcists, you may remember that Regan had an imaginary friend called Captain Howdy, who turned out to be a manifestation of the demon that possessed him. An imaginary friend is also at his heart Lights outand as in Exorcists, these “friends” are not imaginary. A boy named Martin (Gabriel Bateman) overhears his disturbed mother, Sophie (Maria Bello), talking to someone named Diana (Alicia Vela-Bailey). But what really upset Martin was that he saw Diana’s terrifying form in the shadows.

Martin enlists the help of his adult half-sister, Rebecca (Teresa Palmer). Although Rebecca initially doesn’t believe Martin’s story, she soon realizes that Diana is real. Rebecca also learns that this evil ghost can physically kill anyone he targets in the dark. But even hiding behind the light couldn’t keep Diana’s victims safe.

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Veronica (2017)

Sandra Escacena in Veronica.
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spanish horror film, Veronica, is loosely based on a true story. While there are definitely elements of exaggeration to this tale of possession, it is more compelling than many similar horror films because Verónica (Sandra Escacena) endures her ordeal alone and she has no one she can trust to help her get rid of the demon that inhabits her. his body.

Verónica’s troubles begin when she and her friends, Rosa (Ángela Fabián) and Diana (Carla Campra) use a Ouija board to conduct seances to speak to the spirits of their loved and lost people. Something went wrong, and the passion never left. After the incident, Verónica’s friends are afraid of her, and she is forced to find solutions on her own.

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