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  • Toyota may be hinting at a revival of the FJ Cruiser through previous concepts and the mysterious silhouette shown at the Land Cruiser 250’s debut event.
  • A potential FJ Cruiser revival would feature a modern, all-electric powertrain that would appeal to urban crowds and potentially qualify for tax credits.
  • Toyota has emphasized the off-road capabilities of the FJ Cruiser revival, confirming that it will be all-wheel drive to preserve its authenticity.

It’s been a big year for Toyotabecause not only has the iconic Land Cruiser been updated, and the awesome new Tacoma has been announced for next year, but they may have just hinted that the FJ Cruiser is back in the plans for another production run.

We may be reading between the lines a bit here, but after connecting the dots with previous concepts and studying the mysterious silhouette revealed at the Land Cruiser 250’s debut event, it certainly looks like the hot new thing. electric car may go through development stages at Toyota. Read on to find out exactly what all the fuss is about.

The information was collected from many authoritative sources, including from Toyota Global Newsroomso we can bring you these easy-to-miss details about the possibility of a future FJ Cruiser.

This year, Toyota is hinting at the return of older models

YouTube – Toyota Motor Corporation

It’s well documented that Toyota stopped selling the old FJ Cruiser for US markets back in 2014; however, production continued in other parts of the world until 2022, so the model is still very fresh in the minds of the folks at Toyota HQ.

At the aforementioned event, which unveiled the much-anticipated 2024 Land Cruiser 250 series, a Toyota representative and host of the event noted that Land Cruiser fans would like to see the brand retain the nameplate even as they look to bring the model into the 21st century. He also said the following; “Suffice it to say, there are many exciting ways to change the future of cars.” Could this new and exciting path be full electrification, and wouldn’t a strange model like the FJ Cruiser be the perfect car to implement such a platform?

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What would a modern revival of the FJ Cruiser look like?

Blue Toyota Compact Cruiser 2024, parked

Flash forward to 2021: Toyota has quietly ditched its coolest little concept known simply as the Compact Cruiser. The rugged yet retro stance reminds us more of one model that was discontinued before, and that’s of course the FJ Cruiser – it also follows suit by continuing the Cruiser nameplate, which they clearly want to do.

The funky concept car benefits from a rectangular, boxy stance, exaggerated by huge satin black arches at each of the four corners. While its primary market would be “young urban professionals,” details like the side ladder and huge front fender prove that off-road capability is a must-have attribute for any Toyota Cruiser. While the styling certainly got everyone talking, it was the powertrain that most Toyota enthusiasts couldn’t sleep on.

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The FJ Cruiser Revival will be fully electric

Toyota Compact Cruiser EV light blue

A smart choice for Toyota to appeal to that same decidedly urban crowd, they’ve made it clear that if the Compact Cruiser concept car ever makes it to production, it will be an all-electric vehicle. Not only is it cheaper to drive around town and nicer to the air in built-up areas, but it also begs the question: Will the all-new, all-electric Fj Cruiser qualify for the $7,500 tax credit? There’s no word on the price of such a machine, but such a discount is nothing to sneeze at, especially given current pricing trends.

Again, going back to the off-road capabilities of such a model, Toyota has also confirmed that such an edition will undoubtedly also be four-wheel drive. That’s great to hear, as the revival of the all-wheel-drive FJ Cruiser would seem more like a marketing gimmick than a solid launch, especially with some bold exterior trappings.

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There’s still no confirmation as to whether or not Toyota will bring back the FJ Cruiser, but connecting the dots from that cool concept and the silhouette shown at the 2023 event mentioned earlier, we can bet that something like this is almost certainly in the works!

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