The best October Prime Day 4K monitor deals are happening now

A 4K monitor will provide incredible benefits for any type of computer setup, whether it’s a content creation machine, a home workstation, or a gaming rig. Prices aren’t usually cheap, but luckily, you can enjoy savings now from Prime Big Deal Days 2023. With the return of Prime Day deals, other retailers are also starting to offer amazing monitor deals to match Amazon’s prices. We’ve picked our favorites and listed them here, but if something catches your eye, it’s highly recommended that you proceed with the transaction immediately to ensure that you can take advantage of the offer.

Dell 27-inch S2721QS 4K Monitor — $300, was $330


The Dell S2721QS 4K monitor features 4K Ultra HD resolution on a 27-inch screen, which is in the middle of the recommended range of 24 inches to 32 inches by our computer monitor buying guide, and a refresh rate of 60Hz. This monitor is equipped with Dell ComfortView Plus technology that reduces harmful blue light without affecting color accuracy, dual 3W speakers, and dual HDMI ports.

Samsung M7 Series 4K 32-inch smart monitor — $300, was $400

Samsung M7 smart monitor with apps on screen.

The Samsung M7 series 4K smart monitor offers 4K Ultra HD resolution on a 32-inch screen, with a refresh rate of 60Hz. This monitor stands out among the rest because it can connect directly to your home Wi-Fi connection to access all popular streaming services, play video games without the need for a gaming console or PC via the Samsung Gaming Hub, and even serve as a control center monitor for smart home devices another you. The Samsung M7 series 4K smart monitor can also recognize voice commands via Samsung’s Bixby or Amazon’s Alexa.

Gigabyte 28-inch M28U 4K Monitor — $550, was $600

Gigabyte 28 inch M28U 4K monitor with color display.

The Gigabyte M28U 4K monitor with a 28-inch screen promises sharp details and accurate colors, with smooth and lag-free movement through a 144hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. The 4K monitor supports AMD’s FreeSync Premium to eliminate screen tearing and stuttering, while protecting your eyes by minimizing blue light emissions and reducing flickering.

Samsung Odyssey G7 4K 28-inch gaming monitor — $550, was $800

Samsung Odyssey Neo G7 2023 sitting on the table.

The Samsung Odyssey G7 4K gaming monitor comes with a 28 inch screen that will enhance your gaming experience, starting from 4K Ultra HD resolution, 144Hz refresh rate, and 1ms response time. This 4K gaming monitor also supports AMD’s FreeSync Premium Pro and Nvidia’s G-Sync, so it will work with most graphics cards on the market to eliminate stuttering and screen tearing. It also has access to the Samsung Gaming Hub and your favorite streaming services, all using just a Wi-Fi connection.

Samsung Odyssey Ark 4K 55-inch curved gaming monitor — $2,000, was $2,700

Samsung Odyssey Ark vertically
Jacob Roach / Digital Trends / Digital Trends

The Samsung Odyssey Ark 4K curved gaming monitor offers 4K Ultra HD resolution, 1000R curvature on a 55-inch screen, 165Hz refresh rate, and 1ms response time. What sets it apart is its ability to rotate its screen to a vertical orientation called Cockpit Mode via a wireless Arkdial that functions as the monitor’s command hub. You can stack multiple equivalent displays for a unique viewing experience.

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