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  • Toyota motorhomes of the 70s and 80s were popular with outdoor enthusiasts for their reliability, design, size, fuel efficiency and off-road capability.
  • Toyota’s new Tacozilla Tacoma Camper unveiled at SEMA 2021 pays tribute to classic models with a stylish and attractive design.
  • Tacozilla combines retro elements with modern aesthetics and offers a powerful engine, off-road capabilities and a comfortable interior with amenities such as a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and dining area. Unfortunately, this is only a concept car that cannot be purchased.

Toyota known for producing some of the coolest Japanese cars ever made. The same coolness extends to their motorhomes. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Toyota campers were generally well-regarded and popular with outdoor enthusiasts for their reliability, attractive design, compact size, fuel efficiency and off-road capabilities. One of the most famous campers of that era is the Toyota Chinook RV Camper. His camper was built on the platform of a second-generation Hilux truck, making it a reliable and durable motorhome that could easily handle years of tough adventures.

As a tribute to classic models, Toyota revealed the Tacozilla Tacoma Camper at the 2021 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Designed and built by Marty Schwerter and his team at the Toyota Motorsports Garage, the modern motor home combines style, comfort and functionality. Toyota specifically designed the Tacozilla with styling in mind, because they didn’t want it to look like some boring old refrigerator strapped to a truck – they wanted it to stand out and draw attention. Indeed, the Tacozilla turned out to be a very cool and beautiful motorhome thanks to its striking exterior, orange and yellow stripes, rounded edges, smooth aluminum surfaces, bronze 17-inch wheels and impressive rear doors that required 100 hours of work. targeted project work. Here is a detailed review of the cool Toyota Tacoma Truck Camper.

A proper blast from the past


As already mentioned, In the 70s and 80s, Toyota offered several iconic SUVs. Among them, the Toyota Chinook was a particularly popular choice. It was the result of a collaboration between Toyota and an RV company known as the Chinook, and was Toyota’s first motor home. This popular RV was known for its compact size and sleek convertible top. Then there was the Toyota Sunrader, which was slightly larger and ideal for those looking for more space and convenience. Another famous Toyota RV was the Toyota Dolphin, a charming little camper with a cozy interior. At one time, these RVs really attracted attention with their attractive design, roomy and comfortable interior, reliable performance and solid build quality. Unfortunately, over the years, these models have not stood the test of time. Some succumbed to the challenges they faced, probably due to lack of proper maintenance. So getting your hands on a well-preserved Toyota RV of that era can be quite a challenge.

In an effort to allow today’s generation to experience the excitement and grandeur of the original campers and to pay tribute to these beloved models, in 2021 Toyota introduced the Tacoma Tacozilla. Based on the Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport pickup truck, the Tacozilla truly embodies the spirit and grandeur of classic campers from the past. In particular, its retro-modern exterior design expertly combines the nostalgic elements of vintage campers with the sleek and stylish aesthetics of modern design, allowing it to evoke a sense of nostalgia while maintaining a trendy and modern look.

  • Toyota Chinook
  • Toyota Sunrader
  • Toyota Dolphin
  • Winnebago Warrior

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Lots of grunt to get moving

SEMA 2021 Toyota Tacoma Tacozilla - Front Quarter

However, the Toyota camper is more than just a pretty face. Its powerful 3.5-liter V6 engine produces an impressive 278 horsepower. That power finds its way to the wheels via a six-speed manual transmission.

In addition to high performance, The Tacozilla has desirable features that allow it to handle challenging off-road terrain. It offers a substantial 5 centimeters of additional ground clearance compared to the Tacoma’s standard all-terrain tires and the 285/70/17 General Tire Grabber X3, which should provide a smooth ride and reliable traction on rough terrain.

Technical characteristics of the Toyota Tacoma Tacozilla


3.5 liter V6


278 hp

A turning point

265 lb-ft

Method of transmission

6-speed mechanics

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A perfect balance between comfort and utility

Toyota Tacoma Tacozilla Overlanding camper interior

The Toyota Tacoma Tacozilla takes comfort and utility seriously, offering a fully insulated and comfortable cabin with a sauna-style teak floor and modern amenities for ultimate comfort. It has a bathroom with a shower and a fully equipped kitchen with a stove, fridge and even a dishwasher to make camping as comfortable and convenient as possible. In addition, Tacozilla offers a bedroom, a dining area with a 3D-printed dining table, and a couple of couches for lounging and relaxing after a long day of adventures.

Toyota Tacoma Tacozilla interior highlights

  • Sauna-style teak wood flooring
  • Bedroom
  • 3D printed dining table
  • sofas
  • Fully equipped kitchen with stove, refrigerator and dishwasher

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How much does Tacozilla cost and can you buy it?y

Toyota Tacoma Tacozilla Overlanding Camper

Unfortunately, the Toyota Tacoma Tacozilla is just a concept vehicle and cannot be purchased by consumers. It was introduced as a creative concept to showcase the capabilities and imagination of Toyota’s design team.

While not being able to purchase a Tacozilla can be frustrating, there is an upside; Tacozilla can serve as a source of inspiration for designing and building your own camper that perfectly matches your unique taste and requirements. If you need a little more inspiration, you’ll be happy to know that the Overlanding community offers tons of uniquely crafted custom camper options to spark your creativity. However, if you’re leaning towards buying a small RV rather than building one, we’ve done some legwork to identify and present you with the best options available.

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