Best 65-inch TV deals: 4K, QLED and OLED TVs on sale

If you’ve read our TV size guide and decided that a 65-inch TV is the right size for you, it’s time to focus on saving. You’ll find a variety of picture technologies among the 65-inch TV offerings available, including QLED and OLED, each of which produces the best picture quality. With huge savings available on 65 inch TVs, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you and summarized it all. Read on for more details, and act quickly if you see a deal you like. The best TV deals are unlikely to last long.

Insignia 65-inch F30 Series 4K TV — $350, was $500

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The Insignia F30 4K Smart TV has it all when it comes to affordable TVs, and is a serious consideration if you’re looking for something that can compete with smart TVs. The best 4K TVs under $500. It has stunning 4K resolution images, and HDR technology delivers a wide range of color details and sharp contrast. This makes the film more immersive and the sport more impactful. It also has a variety of connectivity ports that make it easy to connect home theater peripherals. And as a Smart TV, it has modern features like Alexa voice control, DTS Studio Sound, and Apple AirPlay. With the Insignia F30 4K Smart TV that’s also a Fire TV, you get instant access to more than 500,000 streaming movies and TV episodes, as well as access to thousands of channels and apps, including Netflix, Apple TV+, Disney+, Hulu, Prime Video, and more.

TCL 65-inch Series 4 4K HDR TV — $360, was $430

A 65-inch TCL Class 4 Series 4 TV mounted on the living room wall with an image of the Northern Lights on the screen.

TCL’s 65-inch Series 4 4K TV delivers great value gaming even if it’s not discounted. It produces incredible 4K images with high dynamic range capabilities, and comes with a voice remote for convenient navigation and control. It has all the great conveniences of a Smart television. This includes the ability to stream more than 700,000 movies and TV shows, live sports and news, and all your favorite music from Google Play and YouTube, as well as other apps. Free shipping is included with the purchase, a nice perk for such a large product.

Vizio 65-inch V-Series 4K TV — $398, was $528

Vizio 4K LED Smart TV on white background.

Vizio has long been a staple of cheap 4K TVs. Vizio’s V Series steps up its game a bit, raising it above the minimum requirements for a 4K TV. Of course, it gives you 4K UHD, so don’t worry. Additionally, it also has Dolby Vision and HDR10+, which will maximize contrast and brightness to give you a very clear image. The entire TV has full LED backlighting, so your picture will be evenly lit. The processor in this TV has some power, something you might not even realize you need to consider. It has Vizio’s IQ Active 4K HDR, which can upscale content to 4K. Gamers will appreciate the V-Gaming Engine, which switches the TV to low-lag mode.

Hisense 65-inch A6 Series 4K TV — $398, was $470

Front angle of Hisense A6 Series 4K smart TV.
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Hisense is another great choice for a budget TV. This TV has standard 4K pixels, plus the ability to run Dolby Vision and HDR10. It has lots of fancy modes you can play with, including Game Mode Plus, which optimizes your gaming experience by lowering latency and achieving a variable refresh rate of 60Hz. Sports mode automatically smooths motion and adjusts color, so you’ll never lose track of the ball during fast-paced action. The entire TV is powered by Google smart technology, so you can access all your apps without a streaming stick or external device.

Roku 65-inch Select Series Class 4K TV — $400, was $450

A Roku Select Series 4K TV on a media stand.

Roku’s Select Series TV lineup is designed to enhance your entertainment with great value. This 65-inch model is a great TV to combine with several other devices the best new movies to stream on Netflix, Hulu, Prime, Max, and more, because it has built-in access to many different streaming services. The 4K images produced by this TV are sharp, rich, and have four times the resolution of Full HD. Roku is a brand best known for making external streaming devices, but it’s making a splash with its affordable 4K smart TVs.

TCL 65-inch S4 4K LED TV — $400, was $530

TCL S4 television as seen in the leaflet photo.
TCL S4 television as seen in the leaflet photo. TCL / TCL

Value is front and center with the TCL 65-inch Class S4 4K LED Smart TV, as it’s a great balance between affordability and features. It delivers stunning 4K picture quality with four times the Full HD resolution, as well as endless entertainment with easy access to your favorite streaming services. Google Chromecast plugs right into your TV, letting you easily stream movies, TV shows, and photos from your Android or iOS device. It also has 3 HDMI inputs, making it great for gamers who need to connect multiple consoles, or for anyone who wants to connect some great peripheral equipment to their home theater.

Hisense 65-inch U6H ULED 4K TV — $456, was $570

Hisense U6H ULED 4K TV in the living room.
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Hisense offers an impressive variety of TV models and sizes. The Hisense 65 inch U6H ULED 4K TV will bring great features to your home theater. These include compatibility with Google Assistant and Alexa for voice control, a filmmaker mode that displays movie content exactly as filmmakers want it to be seen, and a gaming mode that automatically adjusts settings for smooth video game playback. This TV also has Bluetooth connectivity which allows you to connect devices such as best wireless headphones and best soundbar. It’s also Google TV, which gives you instant access to all kinds of streaming content.

LG 65-inch UQ7570 Series 4K TV — $477, was $630

LG 50-inch UQ75 4K Smart TV on white background.

LG is a mainstay on this list! This LG UQ7570 4K TV has all the advantages of the previous model, such as the α5 Gen6 AI Processor (one gen better than the UQ7070 above it). This enables 4K upscaling and enhanced picture modes. Gamers will enjoy this TV for many reasons. To start, it has a Game Dashboard that lets you adjust all the game’s graphics settings in one location. Apart from that, he is equipped with the ability to run cloud gaming, meaning you can stream games directly to your TV from your Xbox.

TCL 65-inch Q7 Q7 Q-Class 4K QLED TV — $800, was $1,000

TCL Q Class Q7 QLED 4K TV.

TCL makes fantastic budget TVs. It’s a good buy even when it’s not on sale. QLED TVs use separate panels inside to control the color and brightness of everything you watch. Color is the most important part here. QLED TVs are capable of displaying more than a billion different colors. This TV has several local lighting zones. This is an accurate way to light LEDs, meaning dark areas can become completely black. Of course it has HDR10 and smart TV capabilities too.

Samsung 65-inch Q80C QLED 4K TV — $1,200, was $1,500

The Samsung Q80C is placed in the living room on a TV stand.

As the owner of one of The best QLED TVs can prove it, QLED technology produces one of the best 4K pictures available on the market today. It uses dual LEDs and Quantum Dot color to create a vibrant image, and an overall immersive home theater experience. This Samsung 65-inch QLED 4K Smart TV does all that and more, even upscaling old content to modern 4K clarity. Picture quality is enhanced with HDR10+ technology, and Smart TV capabilities include compatibility with voice assistants and easy access to built-in streaming services.

LG 65-inch B2 OLED 4K TV — $1,500, was $2,300

Playing video games on LG B2 4K OLED Smart TV.

Ah, our first OLED TV, and from quality brand link LG. If you are not familiar with OLED technology, you definitely want to try it. They have self-lighting pixels, meaning every little dot of color on your TV is perfectly lit, and can be turned off when not needed. It produces perfect blacks and bright colors. The B2 uses the α7 Gen5 4K AI Processor, so you’ll get quality images and improvements to older content. This TV has Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos capabilities, plus Filmmaker Mode, so you can see cinema-quality content the way Hollywood intended.

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