The best Prime Day October hair dryer deals are happening right now

Prime Day October 2023 is a great time to buy a new hair dryer, especially if you want to take advantage of the best hair dryer deals of the year. While Amazon is having huge sales, we’ve also found plenty of great deals with other retailers, including Walmart and Best Buy, which are great if you want to take advantage of any coupons or bonuses you have. Of course, there’s a lot to choose from when it comes to Prime Day deals on hair dryers, so we’ve rounded up our favorites from across budget groups so you can find the best hair dryer to suit you.

InfinitiPRO by Conair Ionic — $26, was $30


While this may be a budget-friendly hair dryer, that doesn’t mean it’s not effective. The 1875 watt AC motor is powerful enough, yet remains relatively quiet while providing a much faster drying experience compared to weaker motors. Internal ceramic components help provide a uniform heat profile, while you also get three heat settings and two speed settings to work with, and there’s even a cold shot button if you need a blast of cool air to help with styling. It comes with a diffuser and concentrator so you can create different styles with relative ease.

StyleMax Featherweight T3 — $148, was $200

T3 Featherweight StyleMax with accessories

The T3 StyleMax leans more towards professional styling and comes with its own internal microchip that adjusts heat settings so you don’t overdry your hair and cause damage. In fact, it lets you set your hair texture and customize it, which is smart technology we’d love to see more of. It also comes with five heat settings and three speed settings, giving you more granular control over the drying process. And best of all, it comes with two different concentrators, a diffuser, and a comb attachment, all of which allow you to create different looks for yourself and make it a very versatile hair dryer if you plan on using it with friends or family. .

Shark HyperAIR Quick Dry Hair Dryer — $149, was $179

Shark HyperAIR FastDrying Hair Dryer

While Shark produces a lot of great things vacuum cleaners and robot vacuums, they also make pretty good dryers. What sets the Shark apart from other hair dryers is its IQ Technology which combines heat and ionized air to help create a high-quality heat profile that dries your hair quickly without damaging it. While there aren’t that many heat intensities, only three, it has three speed intensities, so you have a lot of variability in terms of the style you want; Plus, there’s a cool snap button that’s conveniently placed. Unfortunately, it only comes with a concentrator, but that’s not necessarily a problem if you like the other features and just plan on using it.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer — $300, was $400

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer on white background.

Dyson is another company known for its air blower technology, and they definitely take advantage of it here with Supersonic Hair Dryer. Dyson also makes good use of the technology here, with its blower adjusting the heat 40 times per second to ensure the temperature is exactly what you set. This helps avoid over-drying or breakage issues and provides a much quicker drying experience overall. It comes with three speed settings and four heat settings and is surprisingly quiet for a hair dryer, which we attribute to its use of fanless technology.

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