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  • Volkswagen will enter the electric pickup market in 2026 with the ‘Scout’, a rugged SUV that focuses on practicality and off-road capabilities.

  • The Scout will have a range of over 400 miles on a single charge, making it competitive in the market.

  • The Scout will be built in the United States and will undergo a complete design, engineering, manufacturing and sales cycle in the country. It will have a special all-electric platform and will have a rugged and masculine design.

Volkswagen is looking to enter the fast-growing electric car market pickup on the market a few years later with a new model under the Scout brand. The name “Scout” comes from the iconic International Harvester Scout that originated decades ago. This upcoming vehicle will be an all-electric vehicle with a strong focus on off-road capabilities and will share a body-on-frame platform with the SUV.

While specific mechanical details are still under wraps, initial sketches show a rugged crew-cab truck with a sturdy and boxy build. Volkswagen announced that production of the Scout will begin in 2026, so we have plenty of time before it goes on sale. This new vehicle will compete with upcoming EVs in the same segment from other brands, such as the GMC Hummer EV and Rivian R1T, as well as upcoming models such as the Jeep Wrangler EV and Toyota Tacoma Electric. Here are 10 reasons to start saving up for a 2026 Scout pickup truck.

10 The 2026 Scout will have an electric powertrain


Scout is keeping the truck’s transmission specifics under wraps, but two things can be said. It will have standard four-wheel drive and will be fully electric. However, it won’t be one of those EVs where you can get a ton of power. There is an assumption that the scout of 2026 will come Fr

It may not have the same 1,000 horsepower as a Hummer, but the instantaneous torque delivery of electric motors that characterize many other EVs will likely give it plenty of speed and responsiveness. In addition, the Scout will focus on utility and its off-road capability. Not being big and flashy, so you’ll know you’re getting your money’s worth.

9 The new Scout has a range of 300 miles

1961 International Harvester Scout 80

The Scout pickup will hit the market in 2026, and most likely it will it will offer a range of over 400 miles on a single charge remain competitive. As mentioned earlier, since the truck will be focused on utility, it should have a solid range.

There is currently no information available on the size of the battery pack required to achieve this range. However, Volkswagen has revealed plans to unveil prototype Scout models next year, which may shed more light on this aspect.

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8 Scout has a lot of prestige

1976 Scout Terra - Baja RaceTerra Spec 1500x750

Debuting in 1961, the International Harvester Scout was an early SUV contender, joining the Jeep CJ 4×4 lineup. The fact that this brand is a pioneer can be said from the fact that the Scout appeared 5 years before the Ford Bronco. Like the Jeep C of its day, the early Scout models had folding windshields.

The first and second generations, known as the Scout and Scout II, were reliable 2-door SUVs that also offered semi-cab pickup versions, as well as versatile soft-top and hard-top configurations. And not to mention that they were extremely beautiful.

But what’s even more interesting, and what really elevated the International Harvester Scout to legendary status, was its numerous victories in the National Off-Road Racing Association (NORRA) Baja 1000, a race known for its extreme challenges and high profile in the off-road world. road racing

If history is taken into account, this means that Volkswagen does not create a pickup truck designed for driving on city roads. It creates a pickup truck that is designed to be driven as such, off-road, doing hard work while remaining environmentally friendly.

7 The new Scout will be built in the United States

1961 International Harvester Scout 80 - front
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Scout Motors is set to establish a manufacturing facility in South Carolina, USA, thanks to a significant investment of $2 billion from Volkswagen. Not only that, but the proposed plant, which is being built on a 1,600-acre site, will occupy 1,100 acres, optimizing space for maximum efficiency.

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With this configuration, Scout Motors aims to achieve an annual production capacity exceeding 200,000 Scout electric vehicles. This ambitious scale of production is expected to create more than 4,000 permanent jobs. The groundbreaking ceremony for this facility is scheduled for mid-2023, so the fact that it will be built in the US says something. The car must be strong and compete with American trucks.

6 The Scout pickup truck is all-American

The value of a classic 1968 International Harvester Scout 800 SUV can skyrocket
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The Scout will operate as part of the larger VW Group, but Volkswagen emphasizes that the Scout vehicles will be fully designed, engineered, manufactured and sold right here in the United States. Yes, it will simply belong to VW. But other than that, it will be all American.

While it remains unclear whether new CEO Scott Keough will personally take the stage to the tune of Grand Funk Railroad’s “We’re an American Band,” expect Scout’s marketing efforts to passionately convey that American identity. However, he will still find it difficult to shake his German ownership.

5 The Scout will have the MEB platform

Fully electric platform Volkswagen MEB
Volkswagen news

Previously, Volkswagen presented an off-road concept on the MEB platform with ID. Buggy concept. However, Scout has made it clear that its car will not use the MEB platform or any existing Volkswagen EV platform. Instead, the Scout will use a newly developed dedicated all-electric platform.

The main design priorities of this Scout platform will be attributes such as ground clearance, approach angles, strong axles, load capacity and all-electric range. All of these features are designed to provide substantial off-road capability and prowess.

It’s worth noting that this platform could potentially be an option if Audi decides to continue developing an electric pickup truck in the future.

4 The Scout will have a sturdy square design

Scout_Press_Side Image 1500x750

The Scout will have a rugged and masculine look with a boxy design that exudes off-road capability. It won’t need much marketing effort to convey its true off-road capabilities, as the teasers clearly depict its rugged off-road aesthetic.

The design of the car is a combination of retro and modern elements, which provides an impressive visual appeal.

3 It will have a solid interior

through Volkswagen

Although the interior of the Scout SUV has not yet been revealed, we can expect it to feature traditional SUV elements.

Expect rubberized mats, vinyl seats and strong waterproofing. In addition, some advanced technologies such as modern infotainment features are likely to be added to the mix. But expect to see a slight toughness on the inside as well.

2 The 2026 Scout pickup will be cheap

Scout 800B international combine - front
Via: Car Gallery

Scout CEO Scott Keough has officially confirmed that the Scout SUV will have a starting price in the $40,000 range, while the Scout pickup will come in just above that mark. This announcement brings exciting news for dedicated Scout enthusiasts.

Judging by the initial drawings, the Scout SUV looks like a 4-door model. Given its impressive off-road capabilities, iconic heritage and all-electric frame platform, the Scout’s relatively affordable price has the potential to revolutionize the SUV segment.

To put this into perspective, the 2023 Toyota bZ4X all-electric model starts at $42,000. Additionally, it’s worth noting that the Jeep Wrangler 4xe plug-in hybrid, which can be seen as a close competitor to the Scout SUV, starts at a significantly higher $49,995.

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Meanwhile, the Scout truck, priced just over $40,000, is an attractive option compared to other electric pickup trucks. For reference, the 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning has a starting price of $49,995. Since this is not a huge amount, you should start saving it as soon as possible!

1 The new Scout pickup will be released in 2026

1976 International Scout II - Front Quarter
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The first Scout SUV prototype is rumored to be shown this year, with a more likely scenario pointing to prototypes debuting in 2024 before production begins in 2025, with an expected market launch in late 2026. Keogh also said that an SUV will lead the way, with a larger electric pickup to follow.

As for the sales strategy for these new electric SUVs, it remains somewhat unclear. The National Automobile Dealers Association and several state associations have reached out to VW with inquiries about the Scout’s U.S. retail approach, but no official confirmation has been forthcoming. Given the growing trend of online sales of electric vehicles, Scout may choose to take a similar approach.

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