Best PS5 game deals: the best game discounts of 2023

Discounts on PlayStation 5 games among retailers are always present, with some deals involving our favorite PS5 games. It may seem difficult to narrow down your next PS5 game purchase options, but we’ve got you covered. We’ve rounded up some of the best PS5 game deals, and if you see one you like, you should click the Buy Now button immediately because some of these discounts won’t last long. All of the games below appear on our list of the best PS5 games for 2023.

Deathloop — $25, was $60


If you’re looking for a shooter game that blurs the lines between single player and multiplayer, give it a try circle of deathmade by the same studio that made Dishonorable. Played from the perspective of the main story, it almost feels like a pure murder simulator, with lots of targets to find. Of course, there’s still a big obstacle in this mess: someone out there is trying to kill you. And that’s where multiplayer comes in! Invade other people’s games and try to end their day before they knock out their targets or, if you allow multiplayer, add a new level of difficulty to the campaign game.

Marvel Midnight Suns: Enhanced Edition — $30, was $70

Spider-Man and Ghost Rider battle Venom in Marvel's Midnight Suns.

Miracle: Midnight Sun is an XCOM-like game where you have to fight evil forces with a number of heroes instead of agents. Meanwhile the game was released around the same time Marvel Snap, as well as the card features, don’t think of it as a quick game. Instead, it features full-length campaigns. The enhanced edition includes post-launch DLC content, giving you a more complete experience, as well as premium skins, so you can see your favorite heroes in the style you love.

Lost — $33, was $40

Orange cat from Stray.

Forget Starfield for a moment, what if you could explore cyberspace… as a cat? Our Stray review highlights this game as more than just a meme. In it, your hero — none other than an orange stray cat — explores a “socially conscious” world and has a “clear environmentalism.” While your cat exhibits cute behavior that really adds to the realism of the game. Be sure to check this game out soon, as rumor has it that there will be a film adaptation coming out in the future.

Final Fantasy XVI — $50, was $70

Clive dodges enemy attacks in Final Fantasy XVI.

Final Fantasy XVI (aka FF16) is an action RPG that doesn’t really need an introduction, because it already has a long list Previous Final Fantasy games. This is known to be a great entry point into RPGs giving you a lot of freedom to choose your own fighting style. Additionally, the game’s characters have a style that is best described as clumsywith traits like spiky hair and odd-looking knick-knacks, so always be on the lookout for them at cosplay conventions.

The Last of Us (Part 1) — $51, was $70

The back alley standoff at the start of The Last of Us.

Naughty Dog The last of us is such a beloved series that it became (in a very short time Internet word meaning) is “controversial” when a character’s development differs from fans’ ideas. Take that as you like, but it’s at least a sign that the first game in the series succeeded in bringing people into a world of realistic people. Part of this is through the storytelling and part of it is due to the gameplay, which has a “co-op” simulation mechanic. After all, this is a “zombie” game (what The Last of Us’s “infected” is basically) which is almost never called that, it’s really just about the story.

Diablo IV: Cross-Gen Bundle —$63, was $70

Diablo IV posters.
Blizzard Entertainment / Diablo

Diablo IV is Blizzard’s latest entry in the Diablo franchise, coming after the mobile game Diablo Immortal. Our Diablo IV review ranked character creation and customization, as well as exploration, as the title’s main appeal. While this is still a huge benefit to the enjoyment of the game, as more and more people “finish” the game, so does the chatter about the game’s ending. This is a game that many people like want to to sink hundreds of hours into it. With the arrival of the season, we will often see changes that give players what they want in this regard. Season 1 actually looked like that delete some of the hardest endgame content due to balance issues. We remain excited to see what the future holds Diablo IV in effect when the second season comes out this October.

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