Israeli billboards thanking the US have a new face: Biden’s

The attacks by Hamas – and the response by the Biden administration – have so far not only united Israel’s fractured society, but also buried the animosities between the world’s two largest Jewish communities, Israel and the United States.

Speaking for Israel’s Foreign Ministry, Yinam Cohen, Israel’s consul general in the Midwest, praised Mr. Biden for his “moral clarity” that “raised the spirits of Israelis in the midst of the greatest tragedy that has occurred in our 75 years of existence.”

“History will remember President Biden as the guardian of the Jewish state,” he said.

Republican presidential candidates have tried to turn the crisis into a political liability for Mr. Biden. Sen. Tim Scott, R-South Carolina, said the president did “blood on hands” to unfreeze $6 billion for humanitarian needs in exchange for the release of five Americans who are now under house arrest until the money is distributed. The National Republican Congressional Committee on Thursday tried to hit vulnerable House Democrats on the same issue.

Then the Biden administration and Qatar reached an agreement on Thursday to refreeze those assets.

Mr. Trump, the prohibitive favorite for the Republican presidential nomination, has not helped his fight against Jews in Israel or the United States. His dinner last November with the performer Kanye West, who has already been condemned for anti-Semitic remarks, and Nick Fuentes, an outspoken anti-Semite and Holocaust denier, earned condemnation from some Trump allies. Then on Thursday, Israelis awoke to footage of the former president criticizing Mr. Netanyahu, mocking a senior Israeli military official and wagging the finger at Israel’s vaunted security apparatus, which he said was unprepared for Hamas.

By Thursday night, the Trump campaign had rushed to release the former president, saying that under his leadership, “the United States stood in complete solidarity with Israel, and as a result, Israel was safe.”

But the damage may have been done.

“I think what Israelis have today about Trump was ego,” said Mr. Somfalvi, the journalist. “It’s so childish.”

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