Nanoleaf unveiled four new Matter devices, including two smart lights

Nanoleaf has been a big supporter of Matter, with several products in its Essentials line already supporting the interoperability standard. The company today announced it is expanding its selection of Matter-enabled smart home gadgets with four new products — two of which are members of its Essentials line, while the other two are stylish table lamps designed in collaboration with Umbra.

The Nanoleaf Essentials Matter GU10 and Recessed Downlight are two products joining the existing Essentials catalogue. Both work with Matter over Thread, allowing users to access millions of colors, Schedules, and Scenes. The downlight is especially attractive because it has a sleek design that can easily fit into existing cutouts for 4-inch recessed lights.


While it’s great to see new Matter-enabled additions to the Essentials lineup, the new products designed in collaboration with Umbra are arguably more interesting. The Smart Lamp Collection includes the Cono Portable Lamp and Cup Lamp, both of which offer a unique “blend of technology and thoughtful design.”

The Cono Portable Lamp supports over 16 million colors, lasts five hours before needing to be recharged, and is built so that it can be tilted against the ceiling, wall, or even directly onto the surface on which the lamp rests. The Cup Smart Lamp is even more unique because the base functions as a storage place for pens, charging cables, scissors, or other small items you have around your house. It also supports over 16 million colors and can be controlled using Matter.

All four items are now available for preorder. That GU10 ships in early December and costs $50 for a three-pack. That downlights ships in mid-November and costs $35 for one light. That Cono Portable Smart Lamp ships in November and costs $95, meanwhile Cup Smart Light costs $130 and ships in April 2024.

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