See how the Pixel 8 Pro handles the bend test that breaks the new iPhone

Can the Google Pixel 8 Pro Last 7 YEARS?! – Endurance Test!

Another new smartphone means a new durability test from Zack Nelson, he of the popular YouTube channel JerryRigEverything.

This time Google’s recently released Pixel 8 Pro faced the usual scratches, scratches, burning and bending in Nelson’s challenging stress test.

“With Google promising seven years of updates, I expect their hardware can handle seven years of use,” the YouTuber says at the start of the video, adding: “To find out, today we’re going to implement seven years of updates. ’ deserves abuse.”

After an initial scratch test, we can see that the screen isn’t as strong as Apple’s Ceramic Shield screen, but it performs on par with most other phones that use tempered glass.

Next, the Nelson box cutter causes the damage you’d expect when a sharp blade hits aluminum, and no, it’s not good. And when the flames meet the Pixel 8 Pro’s 6.7-inch screen, the flames win.

Since it’s the same size as the iPhone 15 Pro Max, whose glass back recently broke during Nelson’s bending test, and considering how the Pixel 7 Pro suffered damage along the phone’s antenna path in the same test last year, we’re very interested to see how the Pixel 8 fares. Pro handles some high pressure bending.

It turned out quite well. Despite creaking like an old tree swaying in the wind, the Pixel 8 Pro shows no signs of collapsing, and, encouragingly, its glass back remains intact. Nelson also noted how the phone’s antenna lines stand up, indicating that Google has done something to strengthen that part of the device. Or Nelson didn’t push the call too hard.

But overall, we’re happy to report that the Pixel 8 Pro performed quite well in the Nelson endurance test.

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