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The automotive industry is as diverse as it is when it comes to car prices. History, status and heritage play an important role in the valuation of a car, especially when it comes to an older car. Some cars can fetch millions of dollars at auction because of their features or historical importance, and some because of their popularity.

Not everyone can afford such a car. Even sports cars with raw driving experience costs more than many gearboxes can accommodate. However, there is still hope, and it comes in the form of car kits. Whether you want to taste that sweet victory, be a part of history or save money, a car kit can be a great choice.

Cars are also a good option if you want to build something yourself. If you want to focus only on the building aspect and take care of the rest (such as choosing the right parts or compatibility), the car kit is again a solid choice. Here are some incredible car kits in a wide price range for you to check out. You can buy them pre-assembled or assemble them yourself in your garage for a more hands-on experience and a new level of ownership. Also, these car kits are lightweight and just as raw, so you don’t have to worry about the driving experience in any of them.

All information in this article regarding performance, specifications, and pricing was obtained from the websites of the respective manufacturers.

1 Super light cars SL-C

Price: $50,000

via Superlite Cars

Sometimes you just have to step back and ask yourself, “How is this road legal?” The Superlite Cars SL-C will make you think the same thing when you see it. The SL-C is a racetrack-ready high-performance car designed by American manufacturer Superlite Cars to compete with some of the best sports cars and even supercars on the market today.

Most of them usually have GM LS V8 series engines because they are reliable, readily available, serviceable and lightweight. The SL-C uses weight reduction and agility to keep up with much more powerful supercars. However, to maintain safety as well as road legal status, it boasts a TIG-welded semi-monocoque chassis made entirely of aluminum. In addition, the outer casing is completely fiberglass, hence excellent performance.

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2 RCR40 racing car replicas

Price: $28,295 – $48,595

RCR GT40 - Rear quarter
Through Mecum Auctions

If you liked what you saw above, you can rest assured that the RCR40 will follow a similar design and manufacturing process. This is because Race Car Replicas and Superlite Cars are subsidiaries owned by the same American company. They also share a manufacturing facility in Detroit.

The RCR40 is an excellent copy of the iconic Ford GT40. For those who don’t know, the Ford GT40 is one of the most important cars in the manufacturer’s history, winning several Le Mans titles for the American marque in the past. An original GT40 is a rare car that fetches high prices at auction. You can get one of these copies instead From $28,295 to $48,595 depending on the trim you choose.

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3 JPS Motorsports 356 Speedster Kit

Price: $27,995 (without engine and transmission)

Porsche 356 Speedster replica
JPS Motorsport

This is for those looking for a relatively simpler build with the same stunning results. Sometimes getting hands-on experience with a DIY kit can be overwhelming for some. JPS Motorsports, the in-house replica builder of popular TV host and car enthusiast Jay Leno, is selling an unpainted Porsche 356 Speedster kit with a starting price of $9,950.

If you want a painted and upholstered kit, prices start at around $27,995 excluding engine and transmission. The Porsche 356 Speedster is a special car that should be counted among Porsche’s other open-top sports cars. There are several replica manufacturers that offer their own 356 Speedster kit, so you’re spoiled for choice if you dig the original and want a more affordable version.

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4 Prova Designs Countach

Price: $20,000

Prova Design Countach
Car from Great Britain

The Lamborghini Countach is one of the most influential cars in history. Not only is it one of the best cars Lamborghini has ever built, but the wedge-shaped design is now an iconic feature of many sports cars, as well as most Lamborghinis to come after the Countach.

Prova Designs is an English replica manufacturer founded by Paul Lawrenson in 1986. The Countach replica is one of their most recognizable products, and its accuracy and likeness to the original can easily fool most people into thinking it’s a real Countach. Compared to the original, which sells for around half a million at auction, this replica is a bargain for those looking for a similar experience at a much more affordable price.

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5 DF Goblin

Price: $10,000

DF Goblin cornering car kit
through DF

For the price of a used everyday daily driver, you can get a DF Goblin complete with all the accessories and a donor car. The Texas DF Goblin uses a custom tubular chassis and working mechanicals from the Chevrolet Cobalt. It can be fitted with any engine from the Chevy Cobalt, so your kit car can produce between 145 and 260 hp.

With such a light frame and no modern electronics between you and the road, you can only imagine how good a track car would be with the right parts. It’s also on the more affordable side of kit cars, and one of the easiest builds you can get in your garage.

6 DAX Coupe

Price: $26,000

DAX Coupe - front
Via Car & Classic

The 1964 Shelby Daytona Coupe is already a rare car. In addition, the first of six original Shelby Daytona Coupes made history when it became the first car ever to be documented as a Historically Significant National Treasure by the US federal program in 2014.

As a result, wanting it is natural, but owning it is quite another. JK Sports Cars offers an excellent Shelby Daytona replica, the DAX Coupe. The Mazda MX-5 Miata DAX Coupe can be delivered to your garage for less than a new one. JK Sports Cars offers powerful V8 engines from Ford, GM and Rovers among other options.

7 Lister Bell Lancia Stratos

Price: $35,000

Lancia Stratos replica
LB Specialist cars

The Lancia Stratos is always mentioned in conversations about the best rally cars of all time. Ever since Lancia discontinued the Stratos, prices for used originals have skyrocketed. Also, the original Stratos was not a perfect car.

Lister Bell offers his own take on the legendary car with all the charm without the flaws that make it impractical and dangerous today. The LB Stratos retails for around $35,000, which isn’t exactly cheap. However, compared to the half-million original, it seems like a bargain.

8 Factory Five Cobra Mk IV

Price: $11,000

Factory Five Cobra or Mk4 Roadster on display.
Via: Factory Five Racing

The Shelby Cobra 427 is one of the most influential cars in history, and it also remains relevant even today. But you’re probably starting to see the theme here, which is that an original car is too rare these days and/or too expensive to own for most people. As a result, a copy manufacturer comes to the rescue.

This time it is the American company Factory Five Racing. It designs and manufactures kits, chassis, bodies and other components for replica and sports cars. The Cobra Mk.4 is an exact replica of the Shelby Cobra 427 with all the design features to keep it true to the original while adding some safety features and technology to make it affordable and capable on today’s streets.

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9 Ultima RS

Price: $65,000 to $120,000

White Ultima RS
Ultima Sports

Ultima is a British manufacturer that has been producing sports cars and DIY kits since 1983 and continues to grow today. The RS is the fastest, most versatile and most aerodynamic sports car Ultima has ever built, and it can cost between $65,000 and $120,000.

But for that price, you can have a number of engine options from Chevy’s top-spec LS (LS3/LS7/LSA) or LT (LT1/LT4/LT5) V8, which is around 1200bhp. Even with the low spec, the lightweight chassis and carbon fiber used for various parts such as the wing make it a great DIY supercar to challenge one of the best on the track.

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10 Caterham Seven

Price: $48,200-$49,500

1957 Caterham Seven S3 360 - hillbankusa
via: Caterham

Caterham is something of a poster child for DIY kit cars that go above and beyond the expectations we normally have of kit cars. Caterham used to work closely with Lotus and since they went their own way they have delivered one stunning sports car that must be driven.

Regardless of trim, the Caterham Seven remains one of the safer and more comfortable options when you’re looking for a car to put together in your garage. The Caterham Seven offers a wide range of options with several trim levels in a wide price range. Simply put, the Caterham Seven is one of the first places to start when looking for a versatile DIY kit car.

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