This new retro console lets you play Nintendo 64 games in 4K


Analog 3D is a new piece of hardware that can play Nintendo 64 games in 4K. It is scheduled to launch sometime in 2024.

Analogue 3D is made by the same company that makes Analogue Pocket, an aftermarket gaming handheld that can natively play cartridges from retro gaming handhelds. Analog 3D will do the same for Nintendo 64 cartridges, allowing people to put the Nintendo 64 games they own on them to play them at resolutions up to 4K without the need for emulation. It will also have a “native display mode” that targets the specific display the cathode ray tube provides.

That website for Analog 3D revealed more information and confirmed that it will have its own OS and wireless Bluetooth support. A controller for the Analog 3D is also featured on the website, although the console will have a “native-style controller port” that might allow people to connect their own Nintendo 64 controllers. Analog also promises compatibility with cartridges from every region, so those controllers who manage to pick it up won’t have to worry about anything being region-locked, unlike the actual Nintendo 64.

While Analogue Pocket will eventually gain support for handheld devices like the Game Gear and Atari Lynx, it looks like Analogue 3D will only be compatible with Nintendo 64 games for now. The design has also not been fully revealed, with images only showing one side of the console.

Analog 3D is not yet available for preorder, although it has a 2024 release window.

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