Crypto political capital grows: University of Arkansas partners with Coinbase and Haun Ventures | Taza Khabre

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Crypto-focused investment firms Coinbase Ventures and Haun Ventures are joining forces with the University of Arkansas to support a technology acceleration program, strengthening the US state of Arkansas’ position in the crypto landscape.

Arkansas offers a unique combination of entrepreneurial spirit, large corporations, and influential policymakers, and the collaboration aims to leverage the state’s potential to shape crypto policy and drive innovation in the asset space digital

The news was announced of Coinbase in a blog post on Monday.

Arkansas Crypto Push

Tomicah Tillemann, Director of Policy at Haun Ventures, he said CoinDesk in a commentary that Arkansas is at the crossroads of several key factors influencing blockchain technology and the digital asset landscape.

According to Tillemann, the state has innovative entrepreneurs, global corporations and policy makers such as Rep. French Hill and Sen. John Boozman, who have shown strong interest in digital asset technology.

“All of this makes Arkansas a great place to work with the startup community,” he said.

Collaboration between universities and technological companies

According to CoinDesk’s report, Coinbase Ventures and Haun Ventures are adopting a model that is already successful in other regions of the US.

Many universities partner with corporations to create technology-focused programs that connect them with students and interns.

Among the partnerships mentioned was one between the trading firm Jump Trading and the University of Illinois Research Park, which already has it turned out in a former student, Kanav Kariya, being hired as president of Jump’s crypto division.

The 16-week Bounds accelerator program is open for startup applications from those with a US presence or representative until November 3.

The program, which will begin on January 8, 2024, will feature in-person orientation, distance learning, mentoring sessions and a demonstration event in Bentonville, Arkansas.

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