X starts charging $1 per year for new, unverified accounts

X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, will begin charging some users a $1 annual subscription fee for the ability to perform certain actions such as posting, reposting, and replying.

Elon Musk announced a new program in Post on Tuesday, said that new unverified users in New Zealand and the Philippines would be required to pay $1 per year, and added that existing accounts would not be affected.

New users who choose not to subscribe will only be able to perform read-only actions, such as reading posts, watching videos, and following accounts.

The move follows increasing speculation that the platform will soon launch some sort of subscription tier for those currently using X for free.

“Starting today, we are testing a new program (Not a Bot) in New Zealand and the Philippines,” Musk said in his message delivered on Tuesday. “New, unverified accounts will be asked to sign up for a $1 annual subscription to be able to post & interact with other posts. In this test, existing users were not affected.”

Musk said the test was introduced “to support our already successful efforts to reduce spam, manipulation of our platform and bot activity, while balancing platform accessibility with a small amount of cost, and added: “This is not a profit driver.

So far, he said, the subscription option has turned out to be the most effective way to deal with bots and spam on the platform.

Musk, who acquired X – then Twitter – last year for $44 billion, said last month that . platforms.

Content from more malicious bots can fill DM inboxes and reply with spam, hate content, or material aimed at influencing the election.

Musk believes that charging fees would hurt bot operators, making it more expensive to create fake accounts and, with new payment methods required for each fake account, also more troublesome.

Previously, X only had one subscription option, called Premium. Starting at $84 per year, Premium offers users features like an edit button, prioritized ranking in conversation and search, longer posts, text formatting, and fewer ads.

The move taken on Tuesday suggests that the $1 annual subscription could be rolled out globally in the near future. We’ll have to wait to see whether the fee applies to existing accounts that haven’t been verified, or only has to be paid by those opening new accounts.

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