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Modifying your car is one of the most important parts of being a car enthusiast. Whether it’s small cosmetic changes, a complete engine swap, or a silly restomod, we’re all about making our cars unique. One of the most popular ways to modify a car is to add a widebody kit. Essentially, a widebody kit changes the look of your car by adding wider front and rear fenders, as well as lower front and rear bumpers, as well as other aesthetic modifications such as a redesigned hood or a large fender that is sometimes shaped as well. part of a wide-format set. Generally, wide kits don’t improve performance, but they can provide better grip with wider wheels. One of the world’s most famous widebody manufacturers is Rocket Bunny, and their body kits dominate the modern car tuning culture in America.

Rocket Bunny, also known as Pandem in the United States, makes some of the most extensive widebody kits imaginable, especially for sports cars. Designed by Kei Miura and manufactured by TRA Kyoto in Japan, Rocket Bunny kits are not mass produced, so they can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to over $20,000 if you tick all the boxes. Rocket Bunny sets usually end up in Japanese though sports cars, Rocket Bunny makes kits for different types of vehicles. Here are the coolest Rocket Bunny widebody kits of all time, ranked from cheapest to most expensive.

Using prices and descriptions from the official PANDEM Rocket Bunny Lab website for North America and engine specs from the automotive catalog, we present the coolest Pandem widebody kits ever made.

10 Mazda NA Miata

Rocket Bunny Widebody retail price: $2,540


Sometimes less is better, and that’s the case with this Pandem Mazda Miata. While many first-gen Miata body kits involve massive fenders that are ridiculous fender flares, Rocket Bunny’s NA Miata widebody kit consists of just a front lip, four fenders, and a ducktail fender, giving you plenty of room , to fit that cheap Mazda MX-5 Miata engine you may be planning to do as well.

Many consider the first-generation Miata to be one of the few four-cylinder sports cars that doesn’t live up to expectations, and with this Pandem widebody kit, it looks as strange as it does behind the wheel.

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9 Mazda FD RX-7

Rocket Bunny Widebody retail price: $3,750

Mazda RX-7 FD Rocket Bunny

Often called the best JDM car of all time, the FD Mazda RX-7 is powered by one of Japan’s most underrated engines, the Wankel rotary engine. Questionable reliability aside, the RX-7’s impeccable styling is unquestionable. Kei Miura went ahead and followed in the footsteps of Mazda designers and gave the car an even more curvaceous and even wider stance with the Rocket Bunny widebody kit.

The Rocket Bunny kit for the FD3S Mazda RX-7 will set you back $3,750. The kit includes a redesigned front bumper that includes new turn signals, front lip and grille. Other noteworthy details are the Miata-like ducktail fenders and fenders.

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8 Datsun 240Z

Rocket Bunny Widebody Retail Price: $4,000

1973 Datsun 240Z Rocket Bunny Wide Body

Rocket Bunny cars aren’t just for crazy drunk gears. Actually, fast and furious Actor Song Kang, who plays Han, owns a wide-body Datsun 240Z. Not only are these used classic cars much cheaper than you might think, but they’re also tastefully modified to make them even more beautiful than stock.

The Pandem 240Z’s $4,000 wide kit includes a new front bumper, lower front spoiler, a set of fender flares, and a ducktail fender. Then again, sometimes less is more, and the smaller details like the wing mirrors make a huge difference.

7 Nissan 350Z

Rocket Bunny Widebody retail price: $4,750

Nissan 350Z Rocket Bunny Widebody

Probably the most popular Rocket Bunny kit, the Nissan 350Z Z33 Rocket Bunny is priced at $4,750. Practically speaking, that’s an absurd amount of money to cosmetically change your car, which costs around $5,000. Still, looks super cool.

The Nissan 350Z Rocket Bunny gets a sleek full body kit, featuring a new front bumper and anti-roll bar lip, rear diffuser, front fenders and new daytime running lights. The 350Z Rocket Bunny comes standard with just a ducktail spoiler, but for a few extra bucks you can upgrade it to a massive wing.

6 Nissan Silvia S14

Rocket Bunny Widebody retail price: $4,835

Nissan Silvia S14 V2 Boss Rocket Bunny Wide Body Kit

It’s not often you see cars get as crazy a transformation as the Nissan Sivia S14 fitted with Rocket Bunny’s V2 Boss widebody kit. Not only does it change the stance of the car, but it also changes the front bumper, grille and headlights, so the Silvia turns into something that looks like a muscle car. All it takes to really confuse passers-by is the addition of one of the best naturally aspirated six-cylinder engines ever built, the Toyota 2JZ-GE.

At just under $5,000, we hate to say it, but the V2 Boss kit for the Silvia S14 looks like a bargain. Of course, this kit also includes other details such as wider fenders, a rear diffuser and a rear spoiler.

5 Toyota GR86

Retail price for the Rocket Bunny Widebody: $5,980

Black Toyota GR86 Pandem Rocket Bunny
YouTube @ BeaKhan

As well as being a true sports car that will last forever with basic maintenance, the Toyota GR86 also looks stunning, especially with the Pandem widebody kit. Yes, even though Rocket Bunny only came out a few months ago, it already has a wide body kit for the Toyota GR86.

The Pandem GR86 kit costs just south of $6,000 and comes with tasty modifications like wider fenders, a rear diffuser, a redesigned front bumper, side skirts, a front splitter and a set of ducks. The tiny ducktail wing is just the icing on the cake.

4 Nissan Z

Rocket Bunny Widebody retail price: $6,100

Rocket Bunny RZ34 Nissan Z

Matt Farah says aftermarket service doesn’t get any better than Nissan’s new Nismo Z, and given the excellent support Rocket Bunny gives the Nissan Z with its extensive Pandem kit, we have to side with Matt. In standard form, the new Nissan Z is a retro version of the Nissan Z car, but if you equip it with the Rocket Bunny widebody kit, everything is turned up to the max.

For just over $6,000, the Pandem Nissan 400Z RZ34 widebody kit includes a front bumper, front lip, front splitter and a set of ducks. In addition to the angular front end, the kit also includes wider front and rear fenders, as well as a strong little rear spoiler.

3 Chevrolet C8 Corvette

Rocket Bunny Widebody Retail Price: $8,000

Chevrolet Corvette C8 Pandem Widebody
Corvette forum

There’s no doubt that the new C8 Corvette is one of the best new performance cars money can buy, especially when you consider that it has the V8 engine that every gearhead wants under its hood, the LT2 8. Regardless of the performance numbers, the new The Corvette is also a nice piece of engineering, and with GM’s decision to change its layout to a mid-engined one, the new Corvette looks to be bordering on exotic.

That said, the Pandem C8 Corvette widebody kit turns this Vette into a low, angry beast worthy of the Stingray name. The $8,000 Rocket Bunny wide kit for the C8 Corvette consists of wide fenders, a rear fender, front lip, and side skirts that connect along the entire length of the car.

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2 Toyota Mk5 Supra

Rocket Bunny Widebody Retail Price: $9,020

Mk 5 Toyota Supra Rocket Bunny Widebody
Black list of motorsport

The long-awaited Toyota Supra Mk5 proved that even with a German-made engine you can still be a fast and reliable Toyota that is a pleasure to drive. But affordable, not so much. In standard form, the A90 Supra bears very little resemblance to the old Mk4 Supra, but one thing they share in common is strong aftermarket support and a cult following.

As a result, Rocket Bunny creates an extreme widebody kit for the Mk5 Supra that costs a whopping $9,020. This package includes front and rear fenders, a front lip, side skirts, and one of Rocket Bunny’s largest fenders.

1 Nissan R35 GT-R

Retail price for the Rocket Bunny Widebody: $17,785

Nissan GT-R R35 Rocket Bunny

While the Nissan GT-R remains one of the many fairly affordable Japanese cars that can outperform supercars after tuning, its extensive range of aftermarket services doesn’t come cheap. While suitably saturated, the R35 GT-R aftermarket is a highly competitive space, with suppliers taking whatever they want, even Rocket Bunny.

This Pandem Rocket Bunny Aero Kit built for the Nissan R35 GT-R will set you back between $13,585 and $17,785. A cheaper $13,585 package includes wider fenders, a redesigned front bumper with a lip, a set of side skirts, a rear diffuser and new daytime running lights. If you want to add a platypus wing, you’ll have to pay $1,400 more, while the massive GT wing costs $2,800. In total, the entire R35 GT-R Rocket Bunny widebody kit costs $17,785.

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