The White House launched 31 US technology centers to boost industry

In a move designed to increase US competitiveness and innovation in the technology sector, the White House on Monday designated 31 technology centers located across the country.

The Tech Hubs program was authorized by the CHIPS and Science Act, which President Biden signed last year, and is part of the president’s “Bidenomics” agenda aimed at growing the economy from the upper middle class to the upper middle class, the White House said.

The centers are spread across 31 states and will focus on the development and growth of innovative industries related to semiconductors, green energy, critical minerals, biotechnology, precision medicine, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing, to name a few.

The initiative paves the way for interested agencies to compete for grants of up to $75 million for investments in innovation, supply chain resilience and job creation.

One of the designated technology centers was Baltimore City, selected from 400 applicants, CBS News reported.

The Baltimore Consortium consists of businesses, colleges, universities and local governments. The plan is to use AI and biotechnology to improve health outcomes through the development of new drugs and therapies.

Latoya Staten, director of Impact at Fearless, a company that helped design Baltimore’s bid, told CBS News that the tech center’s designation is “exciting news” and “will be able to bring a lot of economic impact and jobs.”

Announcing the initiative on Monday, the White House said: “For too long, economic growth and opportunity has been concentrated in a few coastal cities,” adding that the centers would bring “the benefits and opportunities of scientific and technological innovation to communities across the country, with nearly three-quarters receiving the same benefits significant small and rural areas and more than three-quarters of them directly support historically underserved communities.”

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