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  • The new Ducati Superquadro Mono engine claims to be the most powerful single-cylinder engine in the world, boasting high performance and a rev limit of 10,250 rpm.
  • The engine is a derivative of the 1285cc Superquadro from the 1299 Panigale, with racing genes and Ducati’s iconic desmodrom system.
  • The engine has an outstanding bore-to-stroke ratio, large valves and minimal vibration, making it a thrilling ride and a worthy addition to Ducati’s line-up of iconic engines.

Ducati has just introduced a new ace in its lineup, with the Superquadro Mono, which the Italian motorcycle manufacturer calls the most powerful single-cylinder engine in the world. This all-new 659cc short-stroke single-cylinder engine Ducati The engine boasts a desmodromic distribution and performance that can probably knock the competition out of orbit. Here’s what we know about the fierce new single-cylinder engine in town.

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Ducati debuts the Superquadro Mono as an exciting engine

Ducati explains that this engine is a derivative of the 1285cc Superquadro from the 1299 Panigale, which is often called one of the best V-shaped bikes. Currently, this single-cylinder engine has racing genes and Ducati’s iconic desmodromic system, which allows it to rev higher than anything else on the motorcycle market. Ducati also explains the name “Superquadro” and explains how it derives from the extreme ratio of diameter to stroke, which allows for high rotational speeds. Obviously the Mono comes from being a single cylinder engine.

It The Ducati single-cylinder engine’s limiter is set at 10,250 rpm, and no other road-legal single-cylinder engine is capable of such an engine speed. It also boasts the highest power output in the segment at 77.5 hp. at 9750 rpm. That power can go up to 85 with a racing exhaust, making it an impressive engine. In addition to record-breaking performance, Ducati says the engine needs an oil change every 9,000 miles and a valve clearance check every 28,000 miles, according to industry tests.

This isn’t the first time Ducati has tried a single-cylinder mill. In 1993, they debuted the limited edition Supermono 550 race bike, which inspired many to split. It used a single-cylinder version of the 888 V-twin to produce 75 horsepower at 10,000 rpm.

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The technical advantage of Superquadro Mono is unsurpassed


With a bore of 116mm and an ultra-short stroke of 62.4mm, this single-cylinder engine manages a somewhat extreme bore-to-stroke ratio of 1.86, which delivers high revs as well as high revs. In addition, it uses large 46.8mm diameter titanium intake valves to reduce mass and inertia, and 38.2mm diameter steel exhaust valves for better breathing. Together, the high revs and large valves of the Desmodromic system allow Ducati engines to perform higher than the competition.

Ducati unveils further customization with an aluminum cylinder housing courtesy of the powerful and iconic 1299 Superleggera, while the generator, clutch and cylinder head cover construction is made from magnesium alloy. In addition, engine vibrations are kept to a minimum by means of two balancing intermediate shafts in the engine crankcase. With punchy gear ratios modeled after the Panigale V4, this engine promises to be a thrilling ride, and fans can’t wait to see what bike Ducati rewards them with.

Although Ducati is picking the details of this new engine from their existing powerplants, they claim that 80 percent of the engine is new and designed to impress. This new and powerful engine will add another edge to Ducati’s iconic engines and the bikes they ride.

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