Larry Elder ends long-running presidential bid

Larry Elder, the conservative radio host from California whose bid for the Republican presidential nomination never caught on, wrapped up his campaign on Thursday and endorsed Donald J. Trump, the favorite in a crowded field.

“During my campaign,” wrote Mr. Elder ua message posted online“I have been unwavering in my belief that the greatest problems facing our nation are the fatherless crisis, the dangerous lie that America is systemically racist, the need for a constitutional amendment to set federal spending at a fixed percentage of GDP — or the government becomes greater regardless of whether Republicans or Democrats are in charge, and the need to remove Soros-backed prosecutors across the country who refuse to accept the law.”

(George Soros’s indirect donations to the prosecutor’s campaign have animated Trump’s allies, and Soros’ name frequently appears among conspiracy theorists in attacks often seen as anti-Semitic.)

Mr Elder added: “I hope my campaign has helped shine a light on these critical issues and sparked important conversations about how we can tackle them.”

He has never exceeded the Republican Party’s donation or voting thresholds to qualify for the candidate debates.

Mr. Elder, a Los Angeles Republican who calls himself the “sage of South Central,” was the top vote-getter among Gov. Gavin Newsom’s opponents in the state’s 2021 recall election. Voters instead chose to keep Mr. Newsom in the office.

“Now that I am exiting the race,” Mr. Elder added in his message Thursday, “I am proud to announce my endorsement of Donald Trump for President of the United States. His leadership was instrumental in advancing America-first conservative principles and policies that benefited our great nation. We must unite behind Donald Trump to defeat Joe Biden.”

While Mr. Trump is the dominant contender for the Republican presidential nomination, he faces seven major cases in six courts in four cities. Two cases relate to his attempts to overturn the 2020 election, which he continues to falsely claim was rigged.

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