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  • Even though this 1967 Ford Mustang is wrecked, it has hidden modifications and goodies that make it special and valuable.
  • The Musk car will be a stock car for another Mustang, with major components like the engine and interior still in good shape.
  • A 1967 Ford Mustang in good condition can fetch a significant amount of money, with an average selling price of $67,367 currently.

Nobody wants to see the classics muscle car which is completely destroyed. It hurts even more when it is a first generation example Ford Mustang. But here’s the thing, unfortunately YouTuber MotorHead Garage found when they bought this very thing. This is the broken year of 1967 Ford Mustang, but under the tattered and battered body are plenty of modifications and goodies that indicate that this car was and could have been something special.

Some aspects of the muscle car are still in good condition, such as the interior. The engine is still here too, but will need a lot of work to be roadworthy again. Not surprisingly, it would become a parts car for another Mustang.

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The body of this 1967 Mustang is completely destroyed

The right side of this 1967 Mustang suffered the most damage, but other parts are also damaged. For example, the transmission tunnel is within centimeters of the drive shaft, and the chassis is twisted. This Mustang has no hope of ever hitting the road again.

This 1967 Mustang will be a parts donor car for another 1967 Mustang that the MotorHead team wants to fully restore. The main components such as the engine, interior trim and other components are still in good condition. The team takes the disc brakes from this Mustang and transfers them to another car, adding brake lines and coilovers. These are all interesting mods and changes that hide under the ruined exterior. The grille is clearly broken, but the team hopes their Mustang’s grille design will match that of this car.

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The YouTuber says the wrecked Mustang has a 302 ci V8 engine. However, the team already has another 302 ci V8 that they recently acquired with only 20,000 miles on it. They are going to compare the two and see which one is in better condition before deciding what will go in the car. Another engine will be put up for sale.

Cool mods are hidden behind the battered exterior of the 1967 Mustang

via the MotorHead_Garage YouTube channel

It’s a shame the muscle car is lost because the chrome on most of it is in perfect condition, but even cooler are some of the other little things it hides. Brand new door panels with new chrome trim inside the Mustang, although one thing YouTubers don’t like is the cheap carbon fiber steering wheel. Many gauges are brand new, with a new radio and dash, as well as seats and center console.

The car also hides a working subwoofer, meaning the sound system and radio are working, so hopefully some of these can find a home in another 1967 Mustang. The rear of the Mustang opens Borla exhaust system, as well as new axles and brake lines. This just adds to the list of parts the team can use and makes this 1967 Mustang a gold mine of aftermarket parts. The team tries to start the engine, but it dies rather quickly. It takes a bit of work to get it going again, but the sound it makes initially is incredible.

We see the Mustang that will be the recipient of the parts, and the body looks absolutely fantastic. The gaps between the panels have also been eliminated, although the muscle car is now a shell. So the team bought a second wrecked 1967 Mustang to get the good parts out. Having access to so many near-new replacement parts will go a long way towards helping the team as they get the car ready to go.

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The 1967 Ford Mustang is the first generation of Muscle Car

Green ford mustang gt fastback
Mecum Auctions

The 1967 Mustang was part of the first generation of the famous Blue Oval muscle car. It also marked the first major redesign of the original Mustang. Ford designers created an enlarged version of the muscle car, despite the huge success of sales of the original car. This allowed them to install a powerful V8 engine. Overall dimensions, interior and cargo space were increased as part of this redesign.

Remarkable facts about the first generation Ford Mustang

  • Ford’s first major Mustang redesign was in 1967.
  • Rebuilt to fit a new big block V8 engine.
  • Redesigned, despite the fact that the original model was sold in large numbers.
  • The Mustang was further updated for the 1969 model year.

When it came to engines, there were many options available. The base engine was a Thriftpower 3.3-liter inline-six, but various V8 options were also available. There were 4.7-liter and 4.9-liter small-block V8s, as well as a 6.4-liter FE V8 and a 7.0-liter FE HiPo V8. The largest was the 7.0-liter Cobra Jet V8 with a 428 ci engine. The Fe HiPo was also big at 427 ci. Cobra Jet created drag racing for the streets, and this Mustang had a whopping 335 hp, making it one of the most powerful muscle cars of its time.

Characteristics of the Cobra jet engine



Years of production

1968-1969 years




7.0 liter


335 hp

A turning point

440 lb-ft



Programs worth paying attention to

Ford Fairlane, Torino, Mustang

(Technical specifications of the engine are provided

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Today, the average price of a 1967 Ford Mustang is $67,367

Shelby's blue oil car is parked
Source: Bring A Trailer

Current market 1967 Ford Mustang

  • The lowest price for a 1967 Mustang at Mecum Auctions is $7,700, while the average sale price is $67,367.
  • The most expensive example, a 1967 Mustang GT500 Kendall Custom, sold for $495,000.
  • A recent example sold for $39,967

As you’d expect, a 1967 Ford Mustang is worth a lot of money in 2023. According to, the average selling price for the muscle car is currently $67,367, with 46 examples listed for sale at the time of writing. The lowest price for a 1967 Mustang is $7,700, while the most recent example sold for $39,967. However, the most expensive was sold in January 2022. This is a 1967 Mustang GT500 Kendall Custom, which sold at Mecum Auctions for $495,000. Despite being a custom build, the high sales figure highlights just how popular and sought after these cars are, despite the sometimes volatile used and classic market.

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