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Kraken appoints Fintech entrepreneur Bivu Das as new UK CEO | Taza Khabre

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Kraken appoints Bivu Das, a former Starling Bank executive, as UK corporate representative to drive business expansion in strengthening UK regulatory environment.

On October 27, prominent cryptocurrency exchange Kraken announced that Bivu Das, a fintech entrepreneur and former Starling Bank executive, will take over as UK market managing director.

Das will succeed Blair Halliday, who has been in the post for about a year. Das has experience running crypto payment gateway startup Unblock as well as a small business funding platform called FIBR UK.

He previously served as Head of Strategy and Operations Scale at Starling Bank. In his new role, Das will be responsible for overseeing Kraken’s UK operations, which includes a significant staff presence and client base.

Das will also be responsible for overseeing Kraken’s regulatory, political and commercial relationships as the company continues to expand its presence in the UK.

New UK Managing Director Bivu Das Highlights Crypto’s Potential for Financial Inclusion and Disruption

In the press release, Bivu Das highlights the importance of crypto adoption in serving millions of people in the UK and around the world who are not served by the traditional financial system.

He also expresses his pride in leading Kraken’s UK operations and contributing to the next important phase of the company’s journey, emphasizing the disruptive potential of cryptography.

Bivu Das said that:

“Kraken has long argued that potential crypto-assets must transform the way everyday people interact with financial services.”

The appointment of Bivu Das as CEO of Kraken UK follows the departure of Blair Halliday, who left to pursue other opportunities.

Halliday played an important role at Kraken after joining last October, and saw the UK’s exit from the European Union as a key moment for the country’s crypto aspirations.

Bivu Das’ career began in financial services and technology consulting, where he worked with major professional services firms such as Barclays, KPMG and Deloitte, as well as traditional UK banking institutions.

His appointment as Kraken’s UK CEO coincides with the UK’s strategic efforts to become a world-leading crypto hub.

Kraken prepares to navigate the UK’s evolving crypto regulations with a new appointment


is registered with the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as a crypto-asset exchange and custodial wallet provider and holds authorizations for its derivatives and benchmarking units.

Das’ appointment comes at a cautious time for UK crypto companies, as new marketing restrictions have disrupted offshore exchanges.

The UK has taken important steps, including implementing a financial promotion framework for crypto and moving towards a comprehensive legislative and regulatory framework.

The framework also includes clear warnings to investors and a “cooling off” period for potential investors to reconsider their decisions.

Kraken believes these developments have provided the regulatory clarity needed to harness the potential of the crypto asset class.

Das highlights the importance of continued engagement with regulators in shaping the UK’s crypto asset framework, emphasizing the need for education and awareness to unlock the crypto industry’s mainstream potential.

Despite new regulations affecting the crypto industry in the UK, Das believes Kraken is well-prepared to navigate this environment, highlighting its cooperation with regulators and its readiness for the “next chapter”.

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