How to watch this week’s delayed ISS maintenance spacewalk

This Wednesday two astronauts will leave the International Space Station (ISS) on a spacewalk to work on station maintenance. NASA astronauts Loral O’Hara and Jasmin Moghbeli will work together on a six-and-a-half-hour mission to replace bearings and remove equipment from the station’s exterior.

If you’re curious to see what daily maintenance work is like while you live in space, then NASA will be broadcasting the entire spacewalk live on the NASA TV channel, and we have details on how to watch it below.

What to expect from space travel

NASA astronaut Jasmin Moghbeli (center) helps astronauts Andreas Mogensen (left) of the European Space Agency (ESA) and Loral O’Hara of NASA as they try on spacesuits and test components of the suits in the International Space Station’s Quest airlock in preparation for the journey future outer space. NASA

The spacewalk will take place on Wednesday, November 1. Moghbeli and O’Hara will work “to remove an electronic box called a Radio Frequency Group from the communications antenna on the station,” according to NASA, and “

The spacewalk was originally planned for Monday, October 30, but was rescheduled after a coolant leak occurred. Earlier this month, the radiator on Russia’s Nauka module began leaking coolant, the latest in a series of leaks affecting the station and the aircraft docked there in recent months. NASA confirmed that the crew was not in danger, but the agency chose to rearrange its spacewalk schedule to avoid possible contamination of internal systems.

How to watch space travel

This spacewalk will be broadcast live on NASA TV, and you can watch it by using the video embedded above or by going to NASA YouTube page for the event. Coverage begins on Wednesday, November 1 at 06:30 ET (03:30 PT), and the spacewalk itself begins just after 08:00 ET (05:00 PT).

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