This Dell 27-inch gaming monitor is discounted from $370 to $150


A powerful gaming PC needs a decent gaming monitor as its partner, otherwise you’ll be wasting your machine’s capabilities. If you haven’t upgraded yet, we highly recommend taking advantage of Dell’s offer on the Dell S2723H 27-inch gaming monitor. From its original price of $370, it’s down to less than half that at just $150. We’re not sure how much time remains before this $220 discount clears, so if you want this look, you’ll need to proceed with your purchase now.

Why you should buy the Dell S2723H 27 inch gaming monitor

Despite its relatively affordable price, the Dell S2723H gaming monitor challenges that the best gaming monitor with a 27 inch screen that has Full HD resolution and a refresh rate of 280Hz. A monitor’s refresh rate determines how often the image on the screen is updated — a higher refresh rate supports higher frame rates in games, which will make a big difference when you’re playing fast-paced titles because input lag will be reduced, we think. computer monitor buying guide. Additionally, the Dell S2723H gaming monitor is equipped with AMD’s FreeSync Premium and Nvidia’s G-Sync, which eliminates screen tearing and stuttering for a smooth gaming experience.

The Dell S2723H gaming monitor comes with a height-adjustable stand so you can tilt, swivel, and swivel to the perfect viewing position so you stay comfortable while playing the best PC games. Your eyes are further protected with Dell’s ComfortView Plus, which reduces blue light emissions without sacrificing display quality. This allows you to play for several hours at a time, plus ventilation on the back will prevent overheating through increased heat dispersion.

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Gamers looking for monitor deals shouldn’t miss this opportunity to get a Dell S2723H 27-inch gaming monitor for less than half its sticker price of $370. A $220 discount from Dell means this stunning screen is yours for a very affordable $150, but you’ll need to complete the transaction quickly as we’re not sure if the offer will still be available tomorrow. If you move slowly, you might miss out on your chance to get the Dell S2723H 27-inch gaming monitor at this low price.

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