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Furiosa: Why the Mad Max prequel is the most anticipated action film of 2024

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The post-apocalyptic Mad Max franchise is frozen as acknowledged Path of Rage the reboot fleshes out its world, however Furiosa: Mad Max Saga it will finally be released this year. Director George Miller’s prequel (Lorenzo Oil, Happy feet)expands the backstory of Imperator Furiosa, the character originally played by Charlize Theron in the 2015 reboot.

Before meeting Tom Hardy’s Mad Max, Anya Taylor-Joy would have played a younger Furiosa when she was kidnapped from her home in Green Place and thrust into a war between two Tyrants. Although it looks like it will be a while before the sequel Path of Rage has finally premiered, this prequel looks like an interesting excuse to re-examine this sci-fi dystopia. Between Taylor-Joy’s star power and Miller returning to the director’s chair, Furiosa: Mad Max Saga has the potential to be the most promising action film of 2024 and one of the most anticipated films of 2024.

Anya Taylor-Joy is one of the most exciting actors of this generation

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Although the world of Hollywood has arguably reached the point where IP sells more tickets than on-screen actors, there are still some top talents who add weight to their names. Anya Taylor-Joy is easily one of the most exciting actors of the current generation, backed by a diverse resume of films across different genres.

From his theatrical debut in Robert Eggers’ chilling folk horror period piece Witch to his more recent roles, such as the historical action thriller Eggers Northerner, Taylor-Joy has the talent and range to lead a story in the high-octane world of Mad Max. Even if the big names attached to blockbuster films aren’t always enough to sell a story to audiences any more, this actress is an interesting choice to cast. Furiosa: Mad Max Sagaand his appearance will likely be a highlight in the prequel.

Chris Hemsworth will try his hand at the villain role

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Best known for his role with Marvel Studios as superhero Thor for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Chris Hemsworth will now star as the villain in Furiosa: Mad Max Saga. Hemsworth will play Warlord Dementus, leader of the Biker Horde that destroyed the Wasteland.

It looks like his character will provide interesting connective tissue to this universe and the stories told within it Mad Max: Fury Roadbecause Dementus is the rival of the villain’s son Immortan Joe series video games. A younger version of Joe also appears angerwhich feels appropriate considering where the heroine ends up Path of Rage. Dementus is portrayed as a comedic and charismatic character, much like the villains in the Mad Max franchise, with Hemsworth’s acting sensibilities seeming a natural fit.

George Miller returns to the director’s chair for Fury Road


For long-time fans of the franchise, George Miller’s return to the director’s chair will certainly be another selling point Furiosa: Mad Max Saga. Miller spearheaded the original Mad Max trilogy with Mel Gibson in the title role, as well as the 2015 reboot Path of Rage. While fans may be frustrated to hear development on the sequel stalled behind the scenes, his return for the prequel inspires confidence, especially considering his experience with the franchise and his talent for directing action-focused blockbusters.

Path of Rage, in particular, is revered as one of the greatest action films of the modern era, renowned in part for its jaw-dropping set pieces. Miller undoubtedly has an eye for directing action sequences with stakes that feel genuine, and that’s also thanks to the investment in the story and characters he portrays. For all their over-the-top action and grim settings, these films have an impressive level of world-building and lore, making it interesting to think about how the director will expand on the mythos.

Mad Max: Fury Road is available to stream now on Max, and director George Miller and Warner Bros. Pictures’ Furiosa: Mad Max Saga is scheduled to premiere in theaters on May 24, 2024, in the United States.

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