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Key findings

  • A rare collection of intact and unmodified Plymouth Barracudas found in an abandoned dealership warehouse.
  • The barracudas are in fantastic condition, serving as time capsules thanks to their originality.
  • These cars are highly desirable and can sell for great sums, with an average sale price of $174,839.

The find is abandoned muscle cars nothing new. If you follow HotCars or any number of YouTube channels, they pop up more than you might expect. However, the find is hidden and abandoned Plymouth barracuda a dealership, complete with examples of a muscle car, is quite rare.

Author’s video Southern Bush Motorsports on YouTube however, finds just that. A YouTuber came across this old dealership that was filled with all kinds of cars from Plymouthbut the Barracuda was by far the standout of this collection.

All these cars belonged to one person who didn’t really want to be photographed. But all the cars offer a unique snapshot into the past, as they are all unrestored and original. Secret storage of the Barracudas means they are in fantastic condition as they haven’t been out in the sun for a long time.

The original condition of the cars makes them time capsules, and this is due to the fact that their owner wanted to have intact and unmodified examples of Plymouths. The only difference between any of the cars is the repaint of one instance, but that’s the extent of the changes.


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Barracudas are part of a huge collection

1971 Plymouth Barracuda 440 Ci Engine Specifications



Years of production

1958-1978 years


Naturally aspirated V8


7.2 liter


390 hp

A turning point

490 lb-ft



Known applications

Plymouth Duster

(Source from The highest characteristics)

As the YouTuber states at the beginning of the video, the Barracudas in this collection are part of a wide variety of cars. Dodge Demons and Plymouth Dusters were also at this old dealership, forming part of the vast Mopar inventory.

Although the owner really loved the 1971 Barracuda. At the beginning of the video, we see an all-black Barracuda that has been repainted. But the YouTuber says that other than that, this Barracuda is all original, as are all the other cars in the collection.

A look under the engine bay reveals the original white that this ’71 Barracuda was painted. Despite the owner’s feelings, the YouTuber wanted to take pictures of them for posterity. The goal was to show people what these cars look like in completely original condition and without any restoration or modification.

The YouTuber says that to their surprise, all the cars were in very good condition. The biggest problem with the black Barracuda is that the exterior paintwork is damaged in some places, and the dashboard of the muscle car is badly cracked.

The other Barracuda we’re looking at is a stunning dark orange, and that’s its original paint scheme. It looks like it’s in excellent condition from the photos, and its red interior is also well-preserved.

Fortunately for these cars, it seems that the mice did not get into them to eat the seats or other sections. The burnt orange Barracuda was one of the best cars in the collection, and the YouTuber described it as a very solid muscle car. It also had no modifications and was in factory condition.


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The collector knew how to take care of his Mopars

Highlights of this huge Barracuda collection

  • All Plymouth Barracudas are 1971 models
  • The owner kept them at the old dealership in original condition
  • Other oil cars like the Plymouth Duster are in the cabin
  • There is only one Barracuda left outside

Despite the boy’s warnings about the photos, the YouTuber admits that he knew what he was doing. All of the cars have been kept in safe and secure storage for decades, and the YouTuber also refers to these cars as survivors.

These are cars that we can not restore, but drive as is with them in this original condition. Restoring them can take away a lot of the character and value of these individual muscle cars. These cars will most likely remain in their original condition.

Survivor cars can sell for big bucks, but that’s part of the fun of buying and owning a survivor. The YouTuber says there’s no point in buying a salvaged car and restoring it, especially if it’s in good shape like this orange Barracuda.

The owner was looking for $40,000 for the orange barracuda, so there’s a chance they’ll find a new home. The interior is just as impressive as the exterior: the leather on the seats is in excellent condition, as is the dashboard, center console and all other interior trim. Even the original carpets and mats have been preserved.

The originality of these cars is that they have never been disassembled. Only minor work has ever been done on any of these survivors, and the engine bays show it with the usual grime and dust.

A few pictures from under the muscle cars show a remarkable lack of rust, thanks to the way they’ve been stored for decades. One Barracuda was sitting outside in a gorgeous bright orange, and it was the only one from this collection not at a dealership. Despite this, the Barracuda was in excellent condition.


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1971 Plymouth Barracuda Convertible BBL Front View
through Mecum Auctions



Average market price


1971 Plymouth Barracuda

174,839 USD

2780 USD

(data provided classic.com and JD Power)

Classic Barracudas are still desirable, even in 2024. Check it out on Classic.com shows the lowest price it was sold for was $36,500. However, the average sales price is now $174,839.

This is due to the fact that one Barracuda sold for an incredible $1.2 million, it was a 1971 Plymouth Barracuda convertible and one of only 17 6 ​​BBL Cuda Convertibles produced in 1971. It was also one of only 12 BBL 6 convertibles with the Cuda automatic that year.


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6 BBL convertibles are among the rarest Barracudas

1971 Plymouth Barracuda Convertible BBL Side View
through Mecum Auctions

Mecum goes into detail about this particular Barracuda. It is said to have been part of Stephen Giuliano’s collection and has only driven 21,026 miles since 1971. Although not a survivor car, it has undergone a thorough restoration but retains many original parts such as the sheet metal and transmission.

The original 440 ci 6 BBL engine is still under the hood and the Barracuda even comes with the original transmission sheet. The fact that it sold for such a high price shows how much some Barracudas can be worth.

Sources: Southern Bush Motorsports, Classic.com, Mecum Auctions, Ultimate Specs, JD Power

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