3 underrated 2023 TV shows on Hulu you need to watch in 2024


As Hulu continues to survive the ongoing streaming wars, subscribers are regularly treated to many popular, high-quality TV shows on the platform. But for every favorite show on this site, like Bear or Just Murder in the Buildingthere are other things that the audience ignores or misjudges.

Some streamers may already have fewer series to add at the start of 2024. Luckily, there are some titles from previous years that people may have missed or failed to give a second chance to. While these 2023 shows certainly have their flaws and may not be able to compete, they are still entertaining and well-made series with great potential. Therefore, to help kick off 2024, streaming viewers should try watching these three shows waiting to be enjoyed on Hulu.

Futurama or ‘Hulurama’ (2023-present)

Fried, Bender, Leela, and Zoidberg enter "future."
Upstream / Upstream

Despite being off the air for 10 years, future rebooted for the fourth time by Hulu this year under the pseudonym “Hulurama.” Set after Professor Farnsworth melts time, the series follows the Planet Express crew as they find themselves in the year 3023. With 10 new episodes and 10 more to come, the series tries to catch up with modern times by taking on topics such as streaming TV, cryptocurrency, Amazon , cancel culture, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

The viewing audience Simpsons’ modern decline may be worth watching future starting again, especially after the last time ended on a high note. While not all the comedic energy seen in its glory days, the show still retains what made it so beloved. Featuring some inventive sci-fi episodes with thought-provoking ideas and plenty of heartfelt moments, these new episodes prove that the series still has many good years left.

World History, Part II (2023)

Noah looks out the door while holding a dog in one scene "World History, Part II."
Upstream / Upstream

As a sequel to the Mel Brooks film World History, Part I, this sketch comedy series examines historical and legendary events such as the Russian Revolution, the Civil War, Shirley Chisholm’s presidential campaign, and the life of Jesus Christ. Featuring a talented cast led by Nick Kroll (Big mouth), Wanda Sykes (Upshaw), and Ike Barinholtz (Mindy Project), this comedy show tries its best to deliver beat after beat of hysterical and interesting content.

The event’s biggest highlight included the Jack Black song and dance performed by Lenin and Johnny Knoxville You stupid as Rasputin, and a Curb Your Enthusiasm deception on Judas. Not every sketch on this show works, and die-hard Mel Brooks fans might think that’s not enough. However, World History, Part II has lots of uproarious, well-crafted laughs that are made even better by the cast’s excellent performances.

Krapopolis (2023–present)

Cast of "Krapopolis."
Fox / Fox

Created by Dan Harmon (Public, Rick and Morty), Fox’s new animated fantasy series centers around a dysfunctional family of gods and monsters as they try to run one of the world’s first cities in Ancient Greece. The series has some great comedic talent working behind the scenes, including voice actor Richard Ayoade (IT Crowd), Hannah Waddingham (Ted Lasso), Matt Berry (What We Do in the Shadows), and Keith David (Rick and Morty).

So far, Krapopolis hasn’t reached the level of comedy of Harmon’s better-known TV shows. However, many favorite series like it Seinfeld And Simpsons struggled to find their footing in their first season. Given Harmon’s creative track record and the stars leading his cast, audiences should give this show a chance as he continues to build his own comedy empire.

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