eBay will lay off more workers in the latest round of layoffs

E-commerce giant eBay has made another round of layoffs.

Jamie Iannone, president and CEO of eBay, he said in a message to employees posted online on Tuesday that the company would reduce its workforce by about 1,000 roles, equivalent to about 9% of its full-time employees.

The CEO cited a “challenging macroeconomic environment” and said that eBay’s headcount and overall expenses “have outpaced the growth of our business.” Some teams will be consolidated in a further effort to make the company more efficient.

Iannone said that “fundamental changes” to its online platform over the past three years had resulted in “consistent improvements in customer satisfaction and meaningful improvements in our growth compared to the marketplace,” but added that to ensure continued success, eBay needed to make significant improvements. better. organizing his team for speed, “allows us to be more agile, unifies collaboration, and helps us make decisions faster.”

Unfortunately, for around 1,000 workers, this means they lose their jobs.

“There is no action we take lightly,” the CEO wrote in his message. “We recognize the impact this will have on all eBayers. We have to say goodbye to people who have made so many important contributions to the eBay community and culture, and it’s not easy.”

All eBay employees in the US were asked to work from home on Wednesday, January 24, as the company addresses the loss and handles questions from current and former employees.

Those who lose their roles at eBay will be provided with “support and resources,” Iannone said.

In a further effort to make savings, eBay will also reduce the amount of work it outsources to external contractors, the CEO said.

The news comes just weeks after eBay laid off about 25 of its 250 workers in Israel, and almost a year after eBay cut 500 jobs globally.

This also follows similar moves taken by others in the technology sector, with many citing uncertain economic conditions. Google, Meta, Microsoft, and Amazon are among the major companies that laid off workers over the past year. And a few days ago, League of Legends publisher Riot Games announced an 11% reduction in its staff, resulting in 530 layoffs.

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