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Key findings

  • Dodge has released “spy shots” of its upcoming Charger EV muscle car, which retains some design elements from the Charger Daytona SRT concept.
  • YouTuber and digital artist Marouane Bambley redesigned the car, tweaking the proportions and adding elements from the previous Challenger and the Daytona SRT concept.
  • The Charger Daytona is rumored to be powered by a turbocharged Hurricane inline-six engine, but Dodge has not confirmed this. The only confirmed powertrains are the 400-volt versions of the system.

It seems the dawn of a new, fully electric muscle car the era is fast approaching. With a final L-body Dodge Charger and the Challenger rolling off the assembly line in Ontario just before Christmas last year, with the Chevy Camaro ending production shortly before, the V8 muscle car sadly rides off into the sunset.

Although the future of the Camaro is uncertain, Dodge teasing his Daytona Charger electric car concept for more than a year. Just under two weeks ago, Dodge took the X to tease their latest pre-production car. Mopar’s latest test footage has recently surfaced, suggesting it will be the new Charger Daytona EV.

While reception to the 2022 liftback concept was positive, the automotive community seemed to have a mixed reaction to the pre-production model. YouTuber and digital artist Marouane Bambley, aka TheSketchMonkeywas also unsure about some of the design elements and decided to add some vintage musclecar flair to this futuristic Dodge.


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What Dodge’s “spy shots” tell us

Key details of the redesigned 2025 Dodge Charger Daytona

  • Dodge recently released some “spy shots” of its upcoming Charger EV muscle car
  • Although the pre-production car retained some design cues from the Charger Daytona SRT concept, some are not fans of the car’s proportions
  • YouTuber and digital artist Marouane Bambley redesigned the car, tweaking the proportions and adding elements from the previous Challenger along with the Daytona SRT concept
  • Marouane expects the latest Charger to come with the Hurricane’s inline-six engine, but Dodge hasn’t confirmed that despite rumors.

Marouane first looks at some recent footage of a pre-production Dodge coupe being tested on Michigan’s I-75. He says he likes the car’s proportions, saying they fit the awkward geometric design that has permeated Dodge’s muscle car lineup for the past two decades.


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While the pre-production car bears an undeniable resemblance to the Charger Daytona concept, the test video shows no exhaust hinting at its electric underpinnings, the concept car’s cyberpunk taillights have been ditched in favor of more conventional taillights.

Compared to Dodge muscle car designs, the front end of the pre-production car curves down much more aggressively with a more curved design. The front fascia, which houses the grille and headlights, also sits much lower than typical Dodge cars, likely to improve aerodynamic efficiency and reduce drag.

The Dodge electric car has received a digital update

The first thing Marouane wants to do is raise the height of the front fascia, filling out the proportions better and giving it a more muscular profile. From there, it adds headlights from the previous Dodge Challenger while retaining the pre-production grille and Dodge badge. The Marouane also raises the profile of the front arches to compensate for the aggressive downslope. The final design change at the front is the addition of the infamous controversial skid plates.


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The rear, meanwhile, gets a more substantial change, with Marouane shortening the roofline, narrowing the center pillar and adding a bit more width to the rear fascia and taillight. Marouane then adds his rectangular light bars in place of the split taillights to bring back some of the design elements of the Charger Daytona concept. After adding larger gold wheels, Marouane adds a rear diffuser and exhaust system last.

Will the next Dodge Charger have a gasoline engine?

2025 Dodge Charger Daytona Transmission Specifications


Dodge Charger Daytona EV 340 kW

Dodge Charger Daytona EV 440 kW

Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Banshee

power unit

400-volt electric power unit

400-volt electric power unit

800 V electric transmission

Basic power

455 hp

590 hp

805 hp

Upgradeable output power

495 hp, 535 hp

630 hp, 670 hp

850 hp, 900 hp

(figures provided Stellantis)

Marouane goes on to say that the reason for adding the exhausts is because the Charger Daytona has been confirmed to use the Hurricane’s turbocharged inline-six engine as well as electric motors. However, despite factory shots of the pre-production transmission tunnel shell being released, neither Dodge nor Stellantis have confirmed that their next-generation muscle cars will feature an internal combustion engine.

At this point, we have to assume that the Charger Daytona will be electric only. So far, Dodge has confirmed two versions of its 400-volt powertrains, with a base 340kW single-motor version producing 455bhp and a 440kW dual-motor version producing 590bhp. Dodge has also confirmed the Banshee’s 800-volt powertrain with more than 800 hp. as its Hellcat successor. Only time will tell if Dodge decides to install the Hurricane’s turbocharged inline 6 engine in the chassis.

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