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A message on the forum leaked information about the new Porsche Macan EV crossover just a day before the manufacturer officially presented it.

Key findings

  • Porsche keeps the Macan’s iconic design in its new electric version, with a clean front fascia and the removal of the grille to highlight its electric powertrain.
  • The official presentation of the Macan EV will take place on January 25th, and Porsche has revealed that they have decided to keep the usual Porsche identity in their electric models.
  • The first photos of the Macan EV that have appeared online have caused a positive reaction among forum members, who appreciate the familiarity of the design and recall the sportier and sharper elements shown on the white model.

The photo is completely new Porsche Macan EV leaked Porsche EV forum a day before its official public debut. Porsche has planned a public presentation of a new electric car for January 25 SUV, but the impressive new EV was unveiled earlier. Images of the Macan EV show it in several colors, including white, which shows off the new design well. The reaction of those who saw the new electric car at the forum was positive, and the familiarity of the design was praised.


How the electric Porsche Macan will become an SUV

Porsche’s electric revolution continues, and the Macan EV SUV is set to be the brand’s best electrified offering to date.

Porsche has retained many of the trademark features of the Macan

Key design elements of the Macan EV

  • A clean panel without a grille hints at an electric powertrain
  • Porsche stayed close to the original Macan design
  • Porsche itself does not want to deviate too far from its design language
  • The official opening will take place on January 25

Porsche didn’t stray too far from the original Macan and retained much of the original design. It retained the front end similar to the ICE version, with an electric powertrain highlighted by the removal of the grille.

To cool the transmission, Porsche kept the air baffle under the bumper. The rear view shows a sleek and elegant tailgate with a stretched taillight and a neat diffuser arrangement. In particular, the white model emphasizes some sportier and brighter design elements.


See the 2024 Porsche Macan EV caught in the wild with a new look inspired by the Taycan

The Porsche Taycan’s more practical sibling hits the road in near-production-ready form in these exclusive images, showing off its new design.

The Macan will be officially presented on January 25

The white front of the Porsche Macan EV
via Porsche EV Forum/Porsche

Specifications of the base engine of the 2023 Porsche Macan



Years of production



In-line four-cylinder turbocharged engine


2.0 liter


261 hp

A turning point

295 lb-ft



Known applications

Audi Q5

(Source from Porsche USA)

The official unveiling of the new Macan will take place on January 25, and Porsche has discussed the challenges they faced. In a recent Porsche press release, the company said this is the first time they’ve electrified a previous design model. The Taycan EV is designed as electric car from the very beginning. Porsche also stated that they have “decided not to differentiate their electric models completely from combustion engine sports cars”. Thus, the new Macan will retain the familiar identity and DNA of Porsche.

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