5 best smart locks for Airbnb or rental units in 2024

If you have additional properties, an easy way to facilitate rentals is through contactless options like Airbnb. More specifically, you don’t have to do much, especially if you equip your property with smart home technology. From smart thermostats to smart lighting and smart locks, everything can be controlled remotely while still giving your temporary tenants the freedom they need. Smart locks are a perfect example. You can issue temporary keys to allow access to your home, lock and unlock doors remotely, and monitor who comes and goes. Visitors can also use their phone or mobile app to unlock the door, no key exchange required. But even so, not all smart locks are created equal. We took the time to find and select the best smart locks for Airbnb or rental properties in 2024. Plus, if you want to save money, you should visit the best smart lock deals afterward to see what’s on sale.

Best smart locks for Airbnb in 2024

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    if you want a smart lock that is reliable and easy to install.

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    if you want to use a smart lock without a physical key and key.

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    if you want to be able to answer your door remotely.

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    if you want true versatility with all the features.

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    if your budget is limited.

WiFi August 4th Generation

Best overall

August / August
Excess Counter
WiFi-enabled Expensive
Code (optional) and application-based entry
Homemade installation

August is one of the most popular and successful smart home brands out there The August smart lock is at the top of the list of reliable options. While most unlocking functions are tied to the mobile app, you can purchase an optional keypad that supports code-based entry. Ultimately, it supports a range of unlocking options such as biometric (fingerprint) verification, auto unlock for authorized devices, and keyless entry with an ejectable temporary key. Installation itself is also very easy, does not require professional personnel. This is a great smart lock for any rental property or Airbnb, and because it is widely used, most temporary renters are already familiar with this technology.

Schlage Encode Plus WiFi Latch

The best traditional choice

Schlage Encode Plus with Apple home key opens with Apple Watch.
Excess Counter
WiFi-enabled Expensive
Voice and app based entry
Homemade installation

The Schlage Encode Plus is less about form and flash and more about function. With built-in WiFi, it adds keyless entry and smart home in several formats. Since it’s a physical keypad, you can issue or use a code, tap to unlock within the app — and it supports Apple HomeKit so your tenants can use an Apple Watch to unlock the door — or use voice control via Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant. Even better, it still supports traditional physical keys too. So, if the electronic device is not working for any reason, you can still unlock the door. Installation is also very easy, taking just a few minutes, and it comes with all the hardware you need, no screwdrivers.

eufy Security Video Smart Lock

Best with video

eufy by Anker Security Video Smart Lock on a wooden wall.
Excess Counter
WiFi-enabled Requires SD card (not included)
Code, fingerprint, voice and app-based entry
Homemade installation

Normally, if you wanted to see who was at your door, you would install a smart video doorbell. But eufy’s Smart Video Security Lock has one built-in, and many more. Renters can utilize five different ways to unlock the door, such as fingerprint, voice, code entry, app-based entry, and physical key. But with that 2K video, you can also talk to whoever is at your door — it also has a microphone and speaker. Notifications will let you see who is coming and going, even if only packages are delivered. Installation is also easy. This system requires a MicroSD card to function properly and store video, but none is included, so plan ahead if this is your first choice.


Most login options

ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro WiFi smart lock for Airbnb installed on the door
Excess Counter
WiFi-enabled Does not support Apple HomeKit
Code, fingerprint, app based entry
Homemade installation

This WiFi lock supports multiple entry options, including fingerprint, code entry, app-based entry, auto unlock, web-based entry, temporary lock, and even via Apple Watch. Your tenants will have multiple ways to come and go, and thanks to mobile notifications and remote access, you’ll be in complete control wherever you are. It installs in minutes and is IP65 dust and water resistant, so it won’t be affected by the elements.

Wyze Auto Lock Bolt

Best on a budget

The Wyze Self-Locking Bolt is installed on the door
Excess Counter
Bluetooth enabled WiFi bridge sold separately
Code, fingerprint and app-based entry Remote unlock related to WiFi
Homemade installation

The first thing you should know about this lock is that it does not come with built-in WiFi. If you want WiFi access, which is essentially remote access, you’ll need to purchase the appropriate bridge separately. Yes, it’s a bummer, but it works fine without those optional components. Renters can still access the property via code entry, fingerprint or app-based entry, only using Bluetooth instead of WiFi. The real appeal of this lock is that it’s very affordable, so if you’re on a budget, that’s what you want. DIY installation is easy and fast, like all the other installations here.

How we choose this smart lock for Airbnb

As we said, not all smart locks are created equal. Of course, you’ll be curious about the criteria we used to select the keys above, so here’s what we looked at:

Login Options

Are there sufficient or suitable options for temporary tenants to gain access to the property. We chose locks that offer multiple ways to gain access and unlock the deadbolt, from fingerprint scanning to voice commands.


Can the lock be installed easily and reliably without professional help? Deadbolts are actually quite easy to replace, as are smart locks. Since most are powered by batteries, you also don’t have to worry about additional power cords.


Smart home equipment can be expensive, and if you rent a property, the costs add up. We look for locks that are affordable but still offer superior features.


Not only are you protecting your property from unwanted visitors and malicious strangers, you are also protecting your tenants when they spend time inside the home or property. We select smart locks that offer the highest security ratings available. Will the latch actually hold up under pressure? Are temporary keys handled securely?

Want more help choosing a smart lock for your Airbnb? Be sure to check us out smart lock buying guide for more tips.

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