Try out one of the game’s best trilogies before it leaves Xbox Game Pass next week

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Xbox Game Pass may not have lost many games at the end of January, but the most significant loss was a big one. On January 31, the subscription service disappeared Hitman: World of Assassination, which is one of the best stealth gaming experiences out there. Technically, it’s a collection of three games’ worth of content, plus an excellent roguelike mode.

Few games can make you feel as smart or stupid as IO Interactive’s Hitman World of Murder is a must-play game if you like stealth gameplay and want to see those mechanics explored to the fullest. While the base game is short enough to complete in a few sessions, there’s far more content here than you can finish in a week. It’s best to try the crack if you want to try it without paying for the full package.

HITMAN Assassination World – Launch Trailer

The Hitman story technically begins in 2016 with Assassin, a reboot of the classic stealth series. Published by Square Enix, the game was released episodically the following year, but performed poorly. As a result, IO Interactive decided to buy back Square Enix and take the future of the series into its own hands. These efforts bore fruit with its release assassin 2 in 2018, assassin 3 in 2021, and Freelance hitman in 2023.

Hitman: World of Assassination combines all of that into one package. The campaigns of all three Hitman games are combined into one experience that follows Agent 47 and his controller as they face a powerful organization called Providence. This massive campaign provides over 20 different missions, all of which take place in different parts of the world and force players to achieve their goals in different ways.

In one, you’ll infiltrate and sabotage an F1 race to kill a driver. Later, you will disguise yourself as a detective and solve a Knife Out-mystery style to get the information you need to kill the target. Although missions direct players down specific routes to complete objectives (and I recommend players stick to the mission they first go through), the real beauty of Hitman comes from how each of these levels is a malleable sandbox.

Fernsby in Hitman 3
IO Interactive

There are many ways to kill a target, starting from walking up to the target and shooting it — this method is messy, but effective. Of course the joy of Hitman comes from the moments when something doesn’t go according to plan and you have to adapt. With so many disguises, weapons, and assassination methods to choose from, you may spend dozens of hours mastering each level in this game. World of Murder.

And that’s not counting the other game modes. Sniper Assassin allows players to complete sniping challenges across three maps. Arcade has players killing special Elusive Targets that were previously part of a limited time event for the trilogy. For multiplayer, Contracts allow players to create and share their kill targets with each other, allowing for nearly unlimited replay value.

Finally, there is Freelance hitman, which can basically be considered a complete game. Uses levels from the three included games, it’s a roguelite epilogue to this rebooted Hitman series in which Agent 47 must complete a series of campaigns consisting of four assassination contracts. Starting with just a gun, players must build an arsenal of 47 and skillfully take out their targets. If they fail the mission twice, then the campaign fails and the player must start over.

3 target assassin
IO Interactive

While each campaign level tends to have at least one “correct” solution, it is roguelite in nature Freelance hitman really emphasizes emerging gameplay moments and forces players to adapt their strategy based on the tools at their disposal. Equipment used or left behind during missions will not be replenished when you return to safehouse 47, so this is a mode made for hardcore players where playing smart is key. This is the final ending of the game Hitman: World of Assassination.

If that seems like a lot of content for just one Xbox Game Pass title, that’s because it is. Even when purchased at retail price, Hitman: World of Assassination offers maximum results in the stealth action genre. If you’ve never played a Hitman game before, give it a go World of Murder injection before leaving Microsoft’s subscription service.

Hitman: World of Assassination leaving Xbox Game Pass on January 31. The game is also available on PC, PlayStation 4, and PS5, with a cloud version also playable on Nintendo Switch.

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