How to get Ethereal Egesta in Like a Dragon: Unlimited Riches

Ichiban might be in a tropical paradise Like a Dragon: Unlimited Riches, but now the need for his trusty bat is greater than ever. Trouble awaits around every corner, and only the strongest weapons will help you get through the toughest encounters and bosses that Hawaii has to offer. There are some great weapons you can buy for all different party members and jobs, plus you’ll find plenty of them too, but you can’t unleash a weapon’s full potential without upgrading it. Early upgrades only require basic materials, but the best of the best require you to get items you won’t find lying around or in any general store. Ethereal Egesta is one of those materials hidden in places you’ll probably never see, and can also give you a Trophy if you find it. Put on some gloves because we’re going to show you where you can fish Ethereal Egesta.

Where to find Ethereal Egesta


If you want to grab this material and the Trophy at the same time, head to the Revolve bar. On the first floor, return near the stairs leading to Ichiban’s bed, but instead of going up, go through the door to the bathroom. You will be asked to take an object straight from the toilet, so just close your eyes, don’t think about what’s inside, and take it. You will be rewarded with Egesta Ethereal and the Not Total Waste Trophy.

However, this is not the only toilet where you can find this material. Some other bathrooms have things stuck in the toilets, like the one at Aloha Beach, so don’t be afraid to take a bathroom break and see what you find!

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