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Surprise, surprise: The BMW Doctor breaks his promise to buy another Bimmer | Taza Khabre

Key findings

  • Dr. BMW, known for working on BMW cars, went against his promise and bought another BMW because of its excellent condition and affordable price.
  • Dr. BMW hints that the engine featured in its latest purchase, the 2007 BMW E61 5 Series Touring, is a reliable diesel, likely the M57 three-liter inline-six.
  • The 535d engine in the 535d M-Sport Touring is more powerful and leaner than the 530d, making it a potentially more valuable car in the UK market. Dr. BMW plans to restore and sell the car at a profit.

As a person known for his specialty in working on vehicles manufactured by the company European car producer BMW, it’s no surprise that Dean, aka Dr. BMW, has a certain affinity for the brand. Because he recently owned so many, he promised his loyal viewers that he would go elsewhere and get something completely different for his next car.

However, his determination to change was shattered after he came across a lucrative offer he couldn’t resist. Shows off the vehicle on his own Doctor BMW On YouTube, Dean from the UK explained why he just had to make the controversial purchase of yet another BMW.

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Dr. BMW repeats the promise as he prepares for the opening

In his latest video, Dean opens with a quick story about how he had to go against his viewers’ wishes after coming across a car that was in near mint condition but was going for a really good price. It also had one of his favorite BMW engines on it, and he hoped he could turn a profit when he eventually came to sell it.

He also managed to come up with some logic to justify his purchase. Most of his previous BMWs had the M50 straight-six engine, which was produced between 1995 and 2000. At first he refused to show off the engine, instead choosing to save it for a future video. However, he did leave some important clues as to what engine the car has.

2007 BMW 5 Series 535d M-Sport Touring

power unit

Three-liter in-line twin-turbo, six-speed automatic transmission


277 hp/428 lb-ft

0-60 mph

6.2 seconds

The highest speed

155 mph


3660 lbs

Source (Parkers)

The most important thing was the car itself. It was a 2007 BMW E61 5 Series Touring luxury car, which was one of the updated models released by BMW. The biggest advantage of the updated car, according to Dean, was better headlights compared to the original E61, which entered the market in 2003.

The power of the BMW engine gives the key to its identity

Another key clue was the fact that the car had covered 113,000 miles at the time of the video. Dean emphasized that this was quite low for the engine featured in his 5 Series, confirming that it was a diesel engine. North of 100,000 miles is considered high for a gasoline engine, while more reliable diesels are considered well within their tolerances.

This is because, unlike a petrol engine, a diesel powertrain does not use spark plugs and instead works with compression ignition. The main difference between the two is that while gasoline engines use spark plugs to ignite the fuel-air mixture, diesel engines use components called glow plugs to heat compressed air in the engine to ignite the fuel-air mixture.

Engine parts required for compression ignition must be much stronger than in a gasoline unit, which ensures their reliability for a long time. Dean’s comment that 113,000 miles is low for the type of engine featured in his 5 Series Touring is a perfect fit.

Since the car is in M-Sport trim, and Dean insists he has big plans for the car, it indicates that the engine is the M57 three-liter inline six. This is where things get a little more complicated, as between 2007 and 2010, BMW produced three different versions of the engines. They were designated 525d, 530d and 535d.

An irresistible and valuable car points to the 535d engine


While the turbocharged 525d was the least powerful of the trio at around 200bhp, the latter two produced considerably more grunt and were therefore more desirable. The 530d’s single-turbo unit has been upgraded to produce around 228 hp. Mated to a six-speed automatic transmission, the car accelerates to 60 mph in 6.6 seconds.

The M57, which is featured in the 535d, is a completely different animal. BMW decided to fit the engine with a second turbocharger that was designed to help reduce turbo lag at lower revs. It’s slightly smaller than the original turbo, but works well with its sibling to increase power output to 277 hp.

The differences between the three-liter inline six-cylinder diesel engines of the BMW 5 series

  • The 525d engine with the lowest power of 200 hp. powered by a single turbocharger and available with six-speed manual and six-speed automatic transmissions.
  • 228bhp mid-range 530d with a single turbo and a choice between six-speed manual and six-speed automatic transmissions
  • The 535d is the most powerful with 277 hp, equipped with a twin turbo and available only with a six-speed automatic transmission.

WITH The 535d is only available with a six-speed automatic transmission, according to Parkers, it can hit 60 mph in 6.2 seconds. According to European emissions regulations, the top speed of BMW 5 Series models is limited to 155 mph. The 535d also makes significantly more torque than the 530d, with the former putting out a hefty 428 lb-ft compared to the latter’s 369 lb-ft.

The unique twin-turbo nature of the M57, and how excited Dean was about the unit, indicates that the mystery powerplant belongs to the 535d. There is another interesting aspect to consider; the exclusivity of two engines.

There are fewer 530d models on UK roads than 535ds

Flickr @nakhon100

A car’s performance level isn’t the only aspect that can change its value, as how exclusive a model is can have a much bigger impact on its value. In this field, the less powerful 530d Touring leads the way.

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According to HowManyLeft.co.uk, a site that takes data from the UK’s vehicle licensing agency DVLA to show how many examples of the vehicle are left on UK roads, 544 535d M-Sport Tourings traveled the country by the end of the third quarter of 2023.

Unlike, there were only 473 530ds of the same specification registered at the same time, which makes it a much rarer sight. While this does help close the gap in terms of value, the faster and more unique 535d beats its less powerful sibling in this area. Dealer prices for the 2007 530d M-Sport Touring range from $4,500 to $5,700, according to Parkers. Meanwhile, the 535dyou can expect between $5,300 and $7,000.

The BMW 5 Series shows value with a great body and interior

YouTube @ BMW Doctor

Saving the engine reveal for another day, Dean did show off the rest of the 5 Series Touring. The bright bodywork, finished in a striking metallic gray color, showed why he couldn’t resist choosing the car for himself.

There was almost even a scratch around the entire vehicle, which is easier to fix than many expect. Even around the trunk, which can be vulnerable to damage when people load the back, was in decent shape. However, the same cannot be said for the M-Sport rims, which had serious damage due to twisting at the edges.

What makes Dr. BMW’s BMW Touring special

  • The body is in excellent condition, painted in milky color
  • The interior is mint, clearly cared for by the previous owner
  • Probably equipped with a powerful and efficient diesel engine
  • A facelifted 2007 model with updated styling cues from the previous version such as new headlights

Fortunately, like the body, the car’s interior was in fantastic condition. The black leather seats were in near-perfect condition with no rips to be seen, and the dash buttons and i-Drive system were in surprisingly good condition for a car nearly two decades old.

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Dean says he wants to restore the parts of the car that need finishing, enjoy it for a while, and then plan to sell the BMW for a decent profit. Whatever spec the engine turns out to be, the impressive condition of the body and interior speaks volumes for why Dr. BMW couldn’t resist breaking his promise. The potential performance of the mysterious diesel power plant is not a weakness either.

Sources: YouTube @ BMW Doctor, Parkers, HowManyLeft

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